Sovos ShipCompliant offers the only complete beverage alcohol compliance tools for beer producers and suppliers — across three-tier distribution and direct-to-consumer shipping — enabling them to grow revenue while reducing the burden of compliance, reporting and product registration by automating compliance with complex state and federal regulations.

Market Ready for Breweries

Our cloud-based solution accelerates breweries’ ability to navigate complex state-by-state regulations, bring new products to market and distribute to customers while fully complying with state and federal regulations.

  • Simplify go-to-market complexities with automated project management.
  • Integrate with government agencies in real time.
  • Automate state gallonage reporting and license renewals.
  • Track all compliance data through a single pane of glass.
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3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile for Breweries

ShipCompliant 3-Tier Reporting streamlines and manages state reporting, and efficiently manages license renewals.

  • Automate state gallonage reporting
  • Streamline license renewals
  • Stay organized with a single place to store and track all compliance data
  • Free up time to focus on revenue-driving activities
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Direct DtC Shipping for Breweries

Direct for Breweries

Our cloud-based DtC shipping compliance solution accelerates breweries’ ability to navigate complex state-by-state regulations, bring new products to market and ship to customers with confidence.

  • Streamlined DtC shipping compliance, tax and license management
  • Full accounting visibility into reporting filings in case of an audit
  • Avoid mistakes that risk fines, losses and unwanted scrutiny
  • Get time-sensitive updates on the latest state regulations
  • With AutoFile, Direct subscribers can set tax and compliance reporting on autopilot and let our compliance team handle monthly reporting submissions
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Licence Management for Breweries

License Management for Breweries

Our cloud-based solution lets you easily start and manage beverage alcohol licenses for shipping across state lines. ShipCompliant License Management helps guide you through the licensing process by consolidating state by state licensing requirements with links to state forms, tracking renewal deadlines, and sending timely reminders of filing renewals.

  • Save time on researching states’ varying deadlines and requirements and quickly gain access to state licensing forms
  • Easily find upcoming deadlines thanks to automatic alerts to complete renewals in advance, eliminating the risk and headaches of lapsed licenses
  • Stay organized with a centralized, cloud-based database to store state and federal licenses and find state licensing forms at your fingertips
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Delivery Experience for Breweries

Our delivery management software solution helps you deliver an excellent customer experience during DtC shipping, seamlessly.

  • Receive greater visibility into the DtC shipping process through customized status updates and integrations with major common carriers.
  • Offer customers industry-leading shipment options, such as self-service re-routing to carrier locations.
  • Analyze shipments and identify issues immediately from the dashboard. Identify at-risk customers and send them actionable emails at key shipment milestones to prevent delivery problems.
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Product Registration Online (PRO) for Breweries

With PRO, you can quickly and easily navigate the complex process of registering new products.

  • Easily complete electronic brand registrations in participating states.
  • Receive approvals in a matter of hours.
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LabelVision for Breweries

LabelVision makes comprehensive searches for trademarks and brand trends easy.

  • Take advantage of a one-of-a-kind trademark research and monitoring solution. 
  • Visually search all federally approved labels in the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Public Certificate of Label Approval/Exemption (COLA) Registry.
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Our Clients

Sovos ShipCompliant is the trusted beverage alcohol compliance partner for more than 2,000 wineries, breweries, distilleries, importers, distributors and more.

Success Story: Left Hand Brewing

Sovos ShipCompliant's Market Ready solution helped Left Hand Brewing remove guesswork and inefficient manual processes from their compliance efforts, ensuring reporting accuracy and timeliness

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Shipping Compliance

Navigate constantly evolving direct-to-consumer shipping laws, minimize risks associated with compliance, and grow your business.

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Distribution Compliance

Simplify go-to-market complexities and streamline compliance management with three-tier distribution compliance.

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