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The distribution and shipping of beverage alcohol are among the most heavily regulated markets nationally. The number of different federal, state and local regulations to track can be daunting and keeping up with the pace of regulatory change can quickly overwhelm even the most experienced industry members. On the three-tier side of the business, complexity remains high. And as more states have opened their borders to allow for direct-to-consumer shipping of alcoholic beverages, the number of new compliance obligations has multiplied greatly.

For years, beverage alcohol compliance consultants have relied upon ShipCompliant solutions to help them manage their clients’ needs effectively and efficiently while reducing complexity and ensuring they remain compliant. We have helped many of the country’s most trusted compliance consultants to streamline and centralize their processes to create better visibility for their clients throughout the process.

Our solutions enable you to efficiently handle clients' direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipping and three-tier distribution requirements in a single cloud-based tool:

  • Compliance management including state rules tracking and updates
, and state and federal license management

  • State reporting for DtC shipping and three-tier distribution, including auto-populated, signature-ready state gallonage, sales, and excise tax reporting
, as well as reporting reminder alerts
  • Full visibility for you and your team, with no limit to access-controlled users within your consultancy
  • Wholesale product registrations, streamlined through our direct integration with more than 10 government systems

Gain insight from comprehensive analytics

  • ShipCompliant analytics include sales and marketing analysis, compliance analysis, and fulfillment reporting
  • Export reports in a variety of formats to share insights with your clients that can help them better manage their businesses

Benefit from world-class training and support

  • One-on-one training for compliance consultant account holders
  • Unlimited support by phone, email and chat — at no additional cost

Streamline further with AutoFile

AutoFile is ShipCompliant’s compliance reporting option that allows you to not only save time and reduce errors in reporting on behalf of your clients, but also frees you from managing client payments through the use of a trust account.

  • AutoFile helps you simplify your financial relationship with clients, as their payment information is stored in our system, rather than you making clients’ tax and other state payments via a trust account

  • With AutoFile, you can streamline submission of all the required paperwork for sales and use tax filings, excise tax filings, gallonage reporting and shipment reporting

  • Applicable across direct-to-consumer and three-tier ShipCompliant accounts

"It's a great program that works very well and has a lot of functions, and it is easy to use. I wouldn't recommend going without it. Very needed, and very good customer service."

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