Success Story: Left Hand Brewing

Sovos ShipCompliant helped Left Hand Brewing remove guesswork and inefficient manual processes from their compliance efforts, ensuring reporting accuracy and timeliness.

The Company

Left Hand Brewing began operating in 1993 when co-founders Dick Doore and Eric Wallace decided to turn their homebrew recipes into a business venture. The two met when they served in the U.S. Air Force, travelling the world and trying different styles of beers. Over the last 25 years, Left Hand has grown considerably, spreading its footprint to 42 states and seven countries. Left Hand was the first brewery to distribute a nitrogenated beer in a bottle, and its backbone is its milk stout and milk stout nitro beers.

The Challenge

Left Hand had several looming challenges: Scaling, manual process, and guesswork. Whenever the brewery entered new states, its internal team has to scramble to complete all of the paperwork manually. This approach was tedious and time-consuming, leaving Left Hand at risk of missing deadlines and swamped with overwhelming workloads. In addition, the team had limited visibility into specific state compliance requirements, and had to simply guess on a number of issues.

  • Left Hand struggled with scaling issues due to the tedious manual processes its team had to manage.

  • The team did not have a detailed look at the requirements it needed to complete when expanding, leading to risky guesswork.

The Solution

The team realized it needed a resource to help it navigate the complex world of licensing and registrations. Left Hand sought a solution that would remove guesswork from its compliance efforts entirely, while automating the tedious and time-consuming manual processes necessitated by mountains of paperwork.

  • Sovos ShipCompliant helped remove guesswork from the equation, ensuring accuracy.
  • The Market Ready solution automated time-consuming and tedious manual processes, centralizing compliance in a single platform.

We’ve grown too much to let guesswork lead us to the next step. [ShipCompliant] helped us in that regard [with] a centralized point where everything lives. It’s as easy as the push of a button to get all of our paperwork done.

Mark Boelman

Director of Accounting & Administration at Left Hand Brewing

Why Sovos ShipCompliant?

After doing some due diligence, Left Hand selected ShipCompliant by Sovos Market Ready to handle its compliance needs. With ShipCompliant, Left Hand was able to remove most of the burden compliance had been placing on its team, allowing them to move forward and expand with confidence knowing their registrations were completed accurately and on time.

The Results

Since implementing the ShipCompliant Market Ready solution, Left Hand has increased the efficiency of its processes, with many registrations now being approved the same day the brewery submits them. The Left Hand team has gained peace of mind in knowing that all its compliance initiatives are accurate and comprehensive, allowing them to expand into new regions more quickly than ever before. As a result, the brewery has been able to get all of its product on the shelf exactly when they expect them to.

  • Left Hand now has a much more efficient process for getting its products to market.
  • The team has gained complete accuracy in its compliance efforts, allowing it to rest assured.
  • The brewery can now ensure each of its products are introduced to the market on time and according to plan.