Distillery Software and Compliance Services

Reduce the effort and resources required to protect your distillery from compliance risks — on the three-tier distribution and direct-to-consumer shipping sides of your business — with Sovos ShipCompliant distillery software and managed services.

3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile for Distilleries

With our distillery accounting software’s 3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile, you can ensure visibility and accuracy across all aspects of your three-tier compliance efforts.

  • Save time by creating and submitting monthly compliance filings in minutes 
  • Benefit from our strong relationships with state and federal agencies, which help us ensure up-to-date compliance information for our clients
  • Track distributors and license renewals in a single web-based platform


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Market Ready for Distilleries

Our cloud-based distillery compliance software accelerates spirits companies’ ability to navigate complex state-by-state regulations, bring new products to market and distribute to customers with confidence that they are complying with the many state and federal regulations.

  • Prepare all forms for state product and brand label registrations with our step-by-step guide.
  • Expedite filings using the only industry solution that integrates directly with 10+ government systems.
  • Learn about products on or coming to market to assess competitive threats and opportunities.


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Direct for Distilleries

Direct for Distilleries

Shipping spirits direct-to-consumer? Our cloud-based DtC shipping compliance solution streamlines distillers’ ability to understand and obey complex state-by-state regulations, to bring new brands to market, and to confidently ship alcohol to customers across state lines.

  • Get a handle on spirits shipping compliance, tax and license management.
  • Gain complete accounting visibility into reporting filings—be prepared in case of audit.
  • Don’t fall prey to common mistakes that risk fines, losses and unwanted scrutiny from state regulators.
  • Get timely updates on the latest alcohol shipping laws by state.
  • Easier yet, Direct with AutoFile subscribers can leave it to our compliance team to handle monthly reporting submissions instead of filing manually.


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Compliance Navigator for Distilleries

For many distilleries, outsourcing the burdens of getting licensed in different states and registering brands with states is the most cost-effective, time-saving answer to the complexities of these compliance essentials. Our Compliance Navigator – License Services and Compliance Navigator – Registration Services managed service offerings are flexible, scalable outsourced solutions to this outsourcing need.

  • Manage costs with predictable, tiered pricing that comes with this tech-enabled, trusted professional-driven solution
  • Get to market faster, on your timeline. There’s no waiting to get started and our experienced team gets your applications, renewals and registrations done right the first time
  • Work with the best - our team is made up of the industry’s most experienced, savvy compliance pros
License Management for Distilleries

License Management for Distilleries

Alcohol shipping laws by state can be difficult to keep track of, along with the varying state licensing requirements. Our cloud-based solution helps you readily start and manage beverage alcohol licenses for shipping across state lines. ShipCompliant License Management takes you through the licensing process by consolidating state by state licensing requirements with links to state forms, keeping track of renewal deadlines, and sending helpful reminders about when it’s time to renew.

  • Spend significantly less time researching states’ differing deadlines and requirements and get speedy, consolidated access to state licensing forms.
  • Track on upcoming deadlines with the help of automated reminders to complete renewals in advance, eliminating the problems that result from lapsed licenses.
  • Stay organized with a centralized, cloud-based database that stores state and federal licenses — one that puts state licensing forms at your fingertips.
  • Streamline your workflow — eliminate time spend searching through scattered filing systems and documents to stay on top of licensing requirements and renewals.


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DEX for Distilleries

Delivery Experience for Distilleries

Sovos ShipCompliant’s DtC distillery management software, Delivery Experience, helps you ensure a top-tier customer experience during direct-to-consumer spirits shipping.

  • Get a direct, detailed look into the DtC shipping process through customized status updates and integrations with major common carriers.
  • Stand out when you can offer customers convenient shipment choices, with flexibility including self-service re-routing to carrier locations.
  • Utilize a simple, central dashboard to analyze shipments and spot issues while you can still troubleshoot them.
  • Avert delivery problems and customer dissatisfaction by communicating with at-risk customers at key milestones during their DtC spirits shipment.
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LabelVision for Distilleries

LabelVision helps you protect your brand by monitoring all federally-approved beverage alcohol labels

  • Intuitive, visual trademark research and monitoring solution
  • Quickly search all federally approved labels in the TTB COLA Registry
  • Stay ahead of competitive trends and protect your brand from trademark infringement


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Product Registration Online (PRO) for Distilleries

Fast, easy electronic brand registrations in participating states—approvals in a matter of hours thanks to our TTB reporting software.

  • Save thousands in processing time and mailing costs annually. Receive a full refund if your registration is rejected by a state (depending on state statutes).
  • PRO is government approved, directly integrated with the TTB, and fully encrypted for peace of mind.
  • Be alerted to potential registration problems to avoid rejections, and access free, live technical support.


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Our Clients

Sovos ShipCompliant is the trusted beverage alcohol compliance partner for more than 2,000 wineries, breweries, distilleries, importers, distributors and more.

I'm able to keep up with an abundant workload by utilizing ShipCompliant ... (so that) the company doesn't have to hire more people. It's easy - I can create a brand registration for all of the states I need to register them in and just download the forms. It has reduced my time versus doing it manually.

Shipping Compliance

Navigate constantly evolving direct-to-consumer shipping laws, minimize risks associated with compliance, and grow your business.

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Distribution Compliance

Simplify go-to-market complexities and streamline compliance management with three-tier distribution compliance.

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