Our Clients

A sampling of our more than 2,000 winery, brewery, distillery, importer, distributor and retailer clients.

“We were looking for something to help with state registrations, to streamline. Sovos ShipCompliant also happened to have the state reporting and the tax reporting. That was a bonus for us and has now been the biggest savings.”

Collective Arts Brewing

"ShipCompliant integrates seamlessly with our ecommerce platform and FedEx ship manager. We have confidence that we are charging the right amount of tax to the customer, and then reporting what actually got delivered. We can see all our licenses and tax reports in one place, and month end compliance is a breeze. It's really kind of magic!"

Eden Specialty Ciders

"If ShipCompliant was a rock band, then its LabelVision tool would for sure be the badass drummer! You can quickly retrieve one or all of your company’s COLAs in a matter of seconds, see what products and innovations are trending in the industry, learn how others have navigated around complex federal labeling guidelines and keep an eye on competitor labeling and branding that may pose a trademark risk. Did I mention the game-changing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature? LabelVision can literally read. Type any pertinent keyword (partial or whole) in the search field and if it’s on a label, LabelVision will find it! That, combined with its abundance of filter options, lets the user hone in on exactly what they’re looking for and more. Finally, LabelVision’s export feature allows you to capture all the cool things you found in your query and share them in a concise file that breaks the attributes into columns, including links to revert back to the COLAs and labels in just a click. All links shared through LabelVision are universal, so even its customers’ customers have access. It’s my favorite industry resource by far!"

Maison Ferrand

“Despite the patchwork and difficult landscape of malt beverage compliance, our team at Sovos ShipCompliant has gone above and beyond to ensure a smooth, functional, effective solution for managing filings, registrations, and compliance. We're grateful for the time savings associated with managing disparate state laws and policies, as well as the peace of mind it offers.”

Hill Farmstead Brewery

“ShipCompliant is an indispensable tool for our company. As a growing business, we recognized early on the need for an all-inclusive compliance software system. ShipCompliant not only met these needs but exceeded expectations by adding the DtC module. DtC is a great way to build our brand following and the integration was seamless.”

Bardstown Bourbon Company

“The notifications [from Delivery Experience] have improved our ability to communicate with our customers and keep them informed. This has increased customer confidence in our process as well as helped to create excitement for the wine delivery.”

Frog’s Leap

“If we hadn't used or if we didn't continue to use ShipCompliant, we wouldn't be able to take on as much business as we do.”

Elenteny Imports

"ShipCompliant has been so helpful on my end to get stuff done and out the door. I constantly have people asking me when a form is going to be due and I really like that I can just go into ShipCompliant and it will tell me when"

Left Hand Brewing

“[With Delivery Experience] we now have real-time access shipment statuses and can immediately notify our customers of failed delivery attempts like never before; as a result we are having far fewer packages returned to us, thus saving us, as well as our customers, time and money.”

Lamborn Family Vineyards

"You have outstanding products and have the pulse of the industry at your fingertips. One stop shopping as they say"

Duckhorn Wine Company

"Your customer service is amazing and your people are fantastic - friendly, smart, attentive, extremely knowledgeable about the processes we have to go through with licensing."

Uinta Brewing Company

"ShipCompliant has become a platform for everything that we do - we really rely on this system. It keeps us organized and consistent and keeps everyone informed. You guys listen, you're agile, and you respond quickly to our needs. And you deliver."

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits

“[With Delivery Experience] we are now able to quickly identify packages that are at the biggest risk to be returned and take action immediately. The tool has been a great time saver for the team as they can now focus their time on packages that truly need it.”

Chateau Montelena

"I'm able to keep up with an abundant workload by utilizing ShipCompliant ... (so that) the company doesn't have to hire more people. It's easy - I can create a brand registration for all of the states I need to register them in and just download the forms. It has reduced my time versus doing it manually."


“ShipCompliant is a great company with an amazing number of talented people working for them. Everyone is always so patient and genuinely friendly when helping with any issues or just answering a question.”

Dry Creek Vineyard

"Prior to using ShipCompliant we used papers and filing cabinets and only kind of knew the basics for certain states. ShipCompliant does all of the work and research for us and it's all on a computer screen. It helps you end up not having to do the research yourself. Every time I've ever had a problem they call me back right away. Support is very accessible and helpful."

Kobrand Fine Wine and Spirits

"With ShipCompliant, It's just so much easier to get everything together in one place and to print everything out that I need to send it off. Thank you for everything ... especially all of the support. Keep up the good work!"

Moët Hennessy USA

"My favorite thing is the way it makes my job a lot faster. It definitely makes registering products and monthly reports a lot faster, too ... Your support is really good."

Wilson Daniels

"ShipCompliant Autofile has allowed me to completely re-allocate my time in a more efficient manner on a monthly basis. Reporting, which used to take up days upon days of my time, now takes a couple of hours. I often find myself wondering how I used to get everything done before we began using AutoFile! The platform is easy to use, all the information I need is still readily available, and the ShipCompliant staff is beyond helpful, as always."

Naked Wines

“Great people, good system, tons of support. This will save us a lot of time and headaches.”

Fish Brewing Co.

"We’ve been working with ShipCompliant for the last year. Received great training and continue to get great customer service. Ultimately a significant time saver for monthly state reporting and new label registrations."

Shmaltz Brewing

“Before we started fully utilizing ShipCompliant, I did a lot by hand. Now that we are fully up and running, I couldn’t imagine doing my job without it.”

Vision Wine & Spirits

"For someone who has never done compliance, and filling in for someone else, it's great knowing that everything will be filed and will be filed properly. It's taken a lot of steps out of a complicated process, and for reports that are filed via AutoFile, I don't feel I have to go over each report with a fine tooth comb."

Thomas Fogarty Winery

"Early on, when we had countless registrations to get through, I recall an evening when I generated multiple 100+ page registration packets, all while watching a juicy episode of The Bachelor from the comfort of my own living room. It doesn't get much easier than that!"

Martine's Wines

"Now we are able to file all of our monthly reporting requirements in under two hours. This gives us the ability to focus our energy on how to better grow our company and handle daily challenges much more effectively. If not for Autofile we would have lost six months out of every year to handling monthly reporting requirements."

Carriage House


Pride Mountain Vineyards

"We didn’t know that we needed a tool like ShipCompliant until we started using it. We are now more efficient than ever with our product registrations, COLAs and licensing. We couldn’t live without it."

Pernod Ricard

"Easy and friendly to use software. Incredible customer service!"

Hook and Ladder Winery

"It's a great program that works very well and has a lot of functions, and it is easy to use. I wouldn't recommend going without it. Very needed, and very good customer service."

CSA Compliance

"Good product and excellent customer service."

Wente Vineyards

"Your service is AWESOME huge time saver and accurate."

Frank Family Vineyards

"Of all the vendors we work with, you are by far the best. I am consistently delighted with the level of service provided, both on the customer service side as well as the product side. Keep up the good work!"

Williams & Selyem

"The people you have in the training department from Eddie, who had to work the training into my schedule, to Colin, a fantastically thorough trainer! I love the site, the interface is excellent, and everything works perfect, thank you."

Mercury Wine Geyserville

"Your system has made my job 110% easier and allows me to put more time into other things."

Benziger Family Winery

"They listen to their customers using the 'ideas tool' and revise the system based on feedback."

Mumm Napa

New Holland Brewing Testimonial

"Exceptional customer service, ease of use, quality of product and the value it has."

New Holland Brewing

"Registering a label nationwide used to take weeks, now I can get it done in a day or so."

Kobrand Fine Wine and Spirits

"ShipCompliant has an amazing product that you regularly adapt as your customer's needs change. Quite excellent customer service too!"

Artesa Winery

"Great customer service, seemingly unlimited knowledge of compliance issues nationwide; user friendly interface."

Patel Winery

“Great customer service and a product that is easy to use.”

Blankiet Estate