Winery Compliance Software and Services

Sovos ShipCompliant offers the only complete beverage alcohol compliance tools and services for wineries, enabling revenue growth while reducing the burden of tax compliance, reporting and product registration by automating compliance with complex state and federal regulations.

Direct for Wineries

Our cloud-based solution accelerates wineries’ ability to navigate complex state-by-state regulations, bring new products to market and ship to customers with confidence in compliance.

  • Streamlined DtC wine shipping compliance, tax and license management
  • Full accounting visibility into reporting filings in case of an audit
  • Avoid mistakes that risk fines, losses and unwanted scrutiny
  • Get time-sensitive updates on the latest state regulations
  • With AutoFile, Direct subscribers can set tax and compliance reporting on autopilot and let our compliance team handle monthly reporting submissions


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Cider Shipping Compliance

Compliance Navigator for Wineries

Our managed services offerings, Compliance Navigator – License Services and Compliance Navigator – Registration Services, are the hands-off solution for wineries that want to offload the confusing and time-consuming processes of becoming and remaining licensed, as well as handling new and renewing state brand registrations.

  • Count on Sovos ShipCompliant’s trusted expertise to do the licensing and registrations heavy lifting for you, for both DtC shipping and wholesale distribution
  • Simplify these key areas of beverage alcohol compliance to give back time to your teams, allowing them to work on more profitable efforts 
  • Benefit from lasting value when you pair these managed services with the industry’s leading compliance software solution
  • Avoid the risks of mistakes and delays by working with the most experienced providers in the industry for error-free applications and renewals 

Delivery Experience for Wineries

Our wine distribution software solution helps you deliver an excellent customer experience during shipping, seamlessly.

  • Receive greater visibility into the wine shipping process through customized status updates and integrations with major common carriers.
  • Offer customers industry-leading shipment options, such as self-service re-routing to carrier locations.
  • Analyze shipments and identify issues immediately from the dashboard.
  • Identify at-risk customers and send them actionable emails at key shipment milestones to prevent delivery problems.


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Market Ready for Wineries

Simplify go-to-market complexities with automated brand registrations and filings, project management tools and real-time government integration with our vineyard software solution.

  • Simplify registration outputs with a single, consistent workflow.
  • View anticipated dates for state approvals to give your team accurate product launch timelines.
  • Streamline with a COLA submission tool integrated directly to the TTB.
  • Prevent costly trademark disputes through proactive market research and monitoring.


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License Management for Wineries

License Management for Wineries

Direct-to-consumer wine shipping is not without its challenges. Our secure, cloud-based License Management solution lets you easily initiate and manage the beverage alcohol licenses required for interstate shipping. This winery management software helps guide you through the licensing process by bringing together all the state by state licensing requirements in one place, with quick links to state forms, renewal deadline information, and timely reminders when you have filing renewals coming up.

  • Get access to a centralized, up-to-date hub of states’ various licensing requirements and deadlines, with handy links to current state licensing forms.
  • Complete renewals and avoid the risk of licenses lapsing with the help of automatic alerts that remind you to complete renewals in advance.
  • Store and manage your state and federal licenses in a centralized, always accessible, cloud-based database.
  • Create an electronic workflow that eliminates searching through paper files and spreadsheets so you can more efficiently meet requirements and complete renewals.


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3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile for Wineries

ShipCompliant 3-Tier Reporting helps you streamline and manage state gallonage reporting while centralizing other critical compliance data. Our wine compliance solution makes your three-tier business more efficient by:

  • Automating state gallonage reporting.
  • Streamlining license renewals.
  • Helping you stay organized with a single place to store and track all compliance data, including distributor information.
  • Detailing compliance requirements by state.
  • Freeing up time to focus on revenue-driving activities.


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LabelVision for Wineries

LabelVision is a unique visual search tool encompassing 1.5 million federally approved alcohol beverage labels that allows you to:

  • Research trademarks in advance of new product launches
  • Keep tabs on your current brand trademarks
  • Take a pulse on product and label design trends among your peers and competitors
  • Store and track your company's approved COLAs in a single location
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Product Registration Online (PRO) for Wineries

With PRO, you can quickly and easily navigate the complex process of completing new product state registrations. PRO allows you to:

  • Easily complete electronic brand registrations for beer, wine and spirits products in participating states
  • Receive approvals quickly—as in, days if not hours
  • Minimize the risk of rejected submissions as PRO will flag potential registration problems before you submit
  • Get new products to market faster thanks these efficiencies
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Tools for Wineries Opening New DtC States

If your winery is evaluating which state or states to enter next for direct-to-consumer shipping, we are here to help. Our free ROI tools include a map describing the ease of getting started, state-by-state, as well as an ROI calculator for backing out from your desired profit goals based on state license, tax and reporting costs.

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Our Clients

Sovos ShipCompliant is the trusted beverage alcohol compliance partner for more than 2,000 wineries, breweries, distilleries, importers, distributors and more.

Success Story: Buttonwood Grove Winery

Buttonwood Grove Winery leveraged Direct with AutoFile to cut their state reporting process from 15-20 hours/month to only 1 hour/month, freeing up time to market and grow their wine club, all while ensuring their filing timeliness and accuracy

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Shipping Compliance

Navigate constantly evolving direct-to-consumer shipping laws, minimize risks associated with compliance, and grow your business.

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Distribution Compliance

Simplify go-to-market complexities and streamline compliance management with three-tier distribution compliance.

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