License Management

Organize & manage license data

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All the details on getting licensed or renewing in each state

Easily start and manage bev alc licenses for shipping across state lines.

ShipCompliant License Management helps guide you through the licensing process by consolidating state by state licensing requirements with links to state forms, tracking renewal deadlines, and sending timely reminders of filing renewals.

Product Features & Benefits

Gain Visibility into Vital Licensing & Renewals Information

  • Quickly gain access to state licensing forms
  • Save time on researching states’ varying deadlines and requirements
  • Easily find upcoming deadlines to complete renewals in advance
  • Get visibility into the license renewal process for all team members

Additional Features

  • Stay Organized with a Cloud-Based Solution

    Enjoy a centralized database to store state and federal licenses and find state licensing forms at your fingertips.

  • Simplify Your Workflow

    Stop searching through file cabinets and spreadsheets. Leverage a central platform to streamline the renewal process. Receive automatic alerts 90 days before a license expires.

  • Eliminate Risk of Lapsed Licenses

    Get timely reminders for deadlines in each state in which you hold licenses and avoid lapsed licenses and gaps that could cost you sales. Reduce time needed to renew licenses and skip the headaches and complexities of starting from scratch if a license expires.

Available stand-alone or bundled

ShipCompliant License Management is available as a stand-alone offering. License Management features are included in all Sovos ShipCompliant core products including Market Ready, Direct and Direct with AutoFile.

  • Market Ready

    Direct-to-consumer & three-tier registrations

  • Direct

    DtC shipping compliance, tax, license management and more

  • Direct with AutoFile

    Sales & use tax, excise tax, gallonage, and shipment report filings

Need hands-on help managing your licenses?

If you prefer to have an outside expert manage your licensing needs, we can help with that! Check out our network of compliance consultant partners — who in turn rely on ShipCompliant solutions to serve their clients — and let us know if we can make an introduction.

Find a compliance consultant

How to decide if a state is worth getting licensed in?

Want to dig deeper on licensing questions? If you’re trying to determine whether a state is worth the investment, our return on investment (ROI) tools — a handy map with state details and an interactive ROI calculator — can help.

Check out ROI tools

Prior to using ShipCompliant we used papers and filing cabinets and only kind of knew the basics for certain states [in terms of license management]. ShipCompliant does all of the work for us and it’s all on a computer screen. Every time I’ve ever had a problem they call me back right away. Support is very accessible and helpful.

Gary Jackman

Kobrand Corporation