Who We Serve: Sake Brewers

We offer sake brewers a full suite of cloud-based and managed service solutions to effectively manage three-tier and direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipping compliance, including product registrations, license management, DtC shipping compliance and real-time tax determination and reporting.

Direct for Sake Brewers

Because of the complexity of how different states regulate interstate DtC shipments of sake, partnering with a knowledgeable and time-tested compliance partner is crucial for DtC sake shippers. Direct, our cloud-based DtC shipping compliance solution, streamlines sake producers’ ability to comprehend and meet these complex requirements.

  • Get a handle on all aspects of DtC shipping compliance, including licensing, age verification, address validation, volume limits, tax determination and reporting, and more.
  • Avoid common compliance mistakes that can result in fines, loss of licensing and unwanted scrutiny from state regulators.
  • Save time by creating and submitting monthly reports in seconds.
  • Gain complete accounting visibility into reporting filings, which means you’ll always be prepared in the case of an audit.
  • Optional add-on: Direct with AutoFile subscribers skip the manual filing process, leaving it to our compliance team to handle accurate, on-time monthly reporting submissions
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Compliance Navigator for Sake Brewers

Delegate the challenges of getting and remaining licensed in the states, along with maintaining state brand registrations, with Compliance Navigator – License Services and Compliance Navigator – Registration Services.

  • Compliance Navigator managed services make the confusing processes getting and keeping state licenses – along with registering and maintaining your brands in the states – a simplified, hands-off process.  
  • Our highly experienced team knows the intricacies of state requirements, common pitfalls and what to do to ensure you can get to market on your timelines. 
  • A tiered, scalable pricing structure means you have a cost-effective solution to these compliance headaches. 

Delivery Experience for Sake Brewers

Sovos ShipCompliant’s delivery management solution helps you create a superior customer experience during shipping, seamlessly.

  • Gain greater visibility into the shipping process through customized status updates and integrations with the major common carriers.
  • Offer your customers convenient shipment options, such as self-service re-routing to carrier locations.
  • Analyze shipments to quickly identify issues requiring attention, right from a streamlined dashboard.
  • Avoid delivery problems by identifying at-risk customers and sending them emails to take action at key shipment milestones.
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Market Ready for Sake Brewers

This cloud-based solution accelerates sake brewers’ ability to handle complex state-by-state regulations, bring new products to market and distribute to customers while staying in full compliance with state and federal regulations.

  • Simplify the complexities of getting new products to market with automated project management tools.
  • Benefit from our real-time integration with government agencies to streamline processes.
  • Automate state gallonage reporting and license renewals to save time and trouble.
  • Track all compliance data in a unified, easy-to-use system.
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License Management for Sake Brewers

Sovos ShipCompliant’s cloud-based License Management solution facilitates the process of starting and managing beverage alcohol licenses for interstate shipping. This tool helps navigate the licensing process by consolidating state-by-state licensing requirements with links to state forms, tracking renewal deadlines and sending timely reminders of filing renewals.

  • Save time on researching all the different state deadlines and requirements and gain quick access to state licensing forms.
  • Quickly find upcoming deadlines with the help of automatic alerts that remind you to complete renewals in advance, eliminating the risk and problems that come with lapsed licenses.
  • Get and stay organized with a centralized, cloud-based database to store state and federal licenses.
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3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile for Sake Brewers

With our 3-Tier Reporting solution, you gain full visibility and accuracy across all aspects of your three-tier compliance efforts.

  • Save time by creating and submitting monthly compliance filings in minutes.
  • Benefit from our strong relationships with state and federal agencies, as well as our large, highly experienced regulatory team, which allows us to offer up-to-date compliance information in real time.
  • Track distributors and license renewals in a single, web-based platform.
  • Optionally, 3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile subscribers avoid manual filing processes, letting our compliance team handle monthly reporting submissions accurately and on time.
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Product Registration Online (PRO) for Sake Brewers

PRO enables fast, easy electronic brand registrations in participating states—often, approvals arrive within a matter of hours.

  • Save thousands in processing time and mailing costs year over year. Receive a full refund if your registration is rejected by a state (depending on state statutes).
  • Relax knowing PRO is government approved, directly integrated with the TTB, and fully encrypted.
  • Be alerted to potential registration problems to avoid rejections, and access free, live technical support.
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LabelVision for Sake Brewers

With LabelVision, you can protect your brand by monitoring all federally-approved beverage alcohol labels.

  • Take advantage of intuitive, visual trademark research and monitoring capabilities.
  • Quickly search all federally approved labels in the TTB COLA Registry.
  • Stay on top of competitive trends while protecting your brand from trademark infringement.
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