ShipCompliant Product News

Updated September 22, 2022


We hope you found last month’s update on our product roadmap helpful. Our teams are always studying up on regulatory changes to help you stay compliant. Here’s a selection of updates from the past few months. 

  • Arizona: We've retired the XML version of the state TPT-2 Privilege Tax Report since it's not compatible with the state site.
  • Colorado:  
    • We've fixed some issues with location codes on the state Retail Sales Tax Return.
    • The new DR-1786 Retail Delivery Fee Return is now available for paper or eFiling.
    • We have fixed a bug that prevented tax due from showing correctly in the preview for the Colorado DR-0100 Sales Tax Return (taxes were calculated accurately on the returns themselves). 
    • We've fixed an issue preventing Line 14 from populating correctly on the state Retail Sales and Use Tax Return
    • We made minor changes to form DR-0448: Wine Shipper Return, in line with state revisions. 
  • Connecticut: We now support cider products on the state Direct Shipping Report.
  • Georgia: The state has changed rates on form ST3 for Calhoun (3%), Haralson (4%), and Pike (2%).
  • Idaho:  
    • The name of state form 1754 has changed to Wholesalers, Wineries, Direct Shippers, and Brewers of Beer over 5% Alcohol by Volume Tax Return
    • We've updated state form 1754: Distributors, Wholesalers, Wineries, Direct Shippers, and Brewers of Beer over 5% Alcohol by Volume Tax Return to ensure it's in line with state changes.
  • Iowa: We've updated the Iowa Sales and Use Tax Return with minor changes.
  • Kansas: We have updated the mailing address for the state LE-3 Liquor Enforcement tax return.
  • Louisiana: We've updated state form R-1029 Sales and Use Tax Return with minor changes to reflect the new state template.
  • Maine: We have updated the Maine Division of Liquor Licensing & Enforcement - Report of Shipments to include a state-required PDF with invoice numbers.
  • Montana: We now support the new state Hard Cider Tax Return for sellers of cider 7% ABV or less.
  • North Dakota: The city of Steele's tax rate for the Sales and Use tax report has increased from 2% to 2.5%.
  • Ohio: We've fixed an issue where direct shipments on the ALC-83 Beer and Malt Beverage Tax Return (DtC) were populating on the wrong schedule.
  • Oregon: We have updated the state OLCC DS-1 Direct Shipper Statement and Schedule to ensure combo sales are accurately represented.
  • Tennessee: We now support the state vendor compensation credit for timely filing of report SLS-450. The credit is equal to 2% of state tax due, with a maximum of $25.
  • Virginia: We've added the city of Danville as a new jurisdiction to the state ST8/ST9 Sales and Use Tax Report.
  • Washington:  
    • We've updated the following tax rates on the state Combined Tax Return: Kittitas County (1.6%), Everett RTA (3.4%), Bothell/Snohomish (4%), Snohomish County non-RTA (1.4%). 
    • We have made some changes to the state Combined Tax Return for direct shippers that don't have physical or economic nexus in Washington. 
      We appreciate your continued business and partnership!