ShipCompliant Product News

Updated August 25, 2022


It’s back to school season, and a good time to share some updates on our larger strategic initiatives. As always, check out the Product Updates section in your ShipCompliant Resource Center to stay on top of new features and highlights year-round. 
User interface modernization 

We’ve been hard at work on redesigning your ShipCompliant experience, to keep compliance easier for you. Coming up soon, we’ll release a new, modern look for ShipCompliant, including changes to navigation that will help you find what you need quickly and intuitively.

First up, in the fall, will be a new and improved Licenses page to help you track and maintain your license information quickly. You’ll have the option to edit license information individually, or seamlessly update multiple licenses at once with our new editable tables. We’ll make it easy to see licenses you need to take action on (expired or expiring soon) and add required licenses with just a few clicks.  
CO retail delivery fee API changes 

ShipCompliant will support a new fee for Colorado retail deliveries, imposed starting July 1, 2022. This fee ($0.27 per retail sale for delivery) applies to all retail sales delivered by a motor vehicle to a location in Colorado, including third-party deliveries. The new DR-1786 Retail Delivery Fee Return is now available for paper or eFiling. For the fee collection portion of the requirement, we plan to update several API methods to allow all integrated partners to ingest this new fee alongside recommended sales tax due. The changes needed to support this are extensive. We plan to implement these updates by the end of September. 

SOAP API: We will update the CheckComplianceofSalesOrder and CheckComplianceofSalesOrderWithAddressValidation SOAP API methods to include a line item for RetailDeliveryFee (below the line item for RecommendedSalesTaxDue). This will require a new version of the method to be implemented (new URL and call structure by partners and clients with custom integrations). NOTE: please ensure you are requesting tax to be returned as part of this call as well (IncludeSalesTaxRates = true). Similarly, the CheckComplianceOfAndCommitSalesOrder and CommitSalesOrder methods will have a line item added for RetailDeliveryFeeCollected. 

REST API: We will update the Quote, Check-Compliance and Check-Commit REST API methods to include a line item for RetailDeliveryFee (below the line item for SalesTaxCollected). 
Warehouse location info for reporting 

Sovos ShipCompliant is expanding our integrations with fulfillment centers and carriers to support you with extensive, accurate data. We’re currently working on three such new integrations. State reporting continues to change, as governments add requirements for information from fulfillment houses, carriers and suppliers. Many fulfillment houses have multiple warehousing locations, all with different codes. Through our integrations, we will now be able to pull real-time, specific data that captures these nuances, so that your reporting can be as accurate as possible. 

Stay tuned for further news in our next monthly update, and, as always, thank you for your valued partnership.