ShipCompliant Product News

Updated March 23, 2022


Spring is in the air, and our team is busy sowing seeds for exciting new features to come. Meanwhile, here are some highlights of recent product and regulatory updates to your ShipCompliant account.

Regulatory Updates

  • Alaska Remote Seller Sales Tax Return. The state added Pelican as a new jurisdiction.
  • Arkansas: We've added a space for your DBA to the state Worksheet for the ET-1 Gross Receipts and Liquor Excise Tax Return.
  • Colorado: If net taxable sales in the state Retail Sales and Use Tax Return exceed $1M, the state will not charge a service fee. We've also made cosmetic changes to this return, according to state updates.
  • Connecticut: We've updated the state Sales and Use Tax Return with minor cosmetic and text changes.
  • Hawaii: We've updated state form G-49 General Excise/Use Tax Annual Return & Reconciliation. The Hawaii county surcharge rate increased to 0.5%, and there were some changes to date fields and notes.
  • Iowa Sales/Retailers Use Tax and Surcharge Return. We’ve updated the form with cosmetic changes.
  • Kansas ABC-1003: Suppliers Monthly Report of Shipments to Distributors. We’ve updated the form with cosmetic changes, including the logo, state email and URL, and changed the address according to state guidelines.
  • Montana moves to e-File only. The state will accept only e-File for the following returns: WIT Wine Distributors and Wineries Tax Return, WSM Monthly Report of Wine, BSM Monthly Report of Beer Shipments. We've removed the paper filing option for these reports.
  • South Dakota: We now include the SD Municipal Gross Receipts Tax in the state Sales and Use Tax Return, for municipalities that impose it.
  • Texas now allows registrations to be e-Filed. When creating a new Texas registration in ShipCompliant MarketReady, you'll now be able to submit registrations online through the Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS). The state has indicated that it prefers online filing moving forward, but will support paper registrations as well for now. Read more about submitting Texas registrations online. Learn more about AIMS.
  • Washington: We've updated the state Combined Tax Return to add the Heavy Equipment Rental Tax line and deductions.
  • Wyoming: We've updated the Wine Out of State Direct Shipper Monthly Tax Report with cosmetic changes.

Coming Early April: Two New Reports

  • Alabama Direct Wine Shipper Tax Return
    Shipping opened in the fall, and the report due in May is the first one required by the state. You'll need to submit this return to the state via email and mail. Once it's available, subscribe to this new report in Report Settings to access it in your ShipCompliant account.
  • Tennessee Quarterly Direct Shipper Report
    Once it's ready, you'll go to the RLPS website to file this report. You'll need to use your TN RLPS account to log in, or click Register to create a new account. Then, follow the state instructions to file your report. Once it's available, subscribe to this new report in Report Settings to access it in your ShipCompliant account. If you're an AutoFile client, remember to add your TN online credentials in Account Settings.

Look out for next month’s newsletter, where we’ll share more about our product roadmap initiatives, and stay tuned in to all our announcements, updates and news directly from the Help center in your ShipCompliant account! Our new Product Updates and Industry Trends sections feature regulatory changes we’re tracking, report updates and upcoming events.