ShipCompliant Product News

Updated December 20, 2021

This month, we’d like to highlight our new ShipCompliant Help center, full of features that can help you when you’re stuck and resources to learn more about making the most of our tools. We’ve also included a list of product updates from the past month for you to browse. As always, please reach out with any questions or comments!

New Feature: Sovos Help for ShipCompliant

We are so excited that our new ShipCompliant Help center is now live! This robust knowledge base is here to help you get your account set up, answer your questions about specific features, and expedite your workflow with different ways to accomplish tasks. Access the new Help Center within ShipCompliant by clicking Help Center under the dropdown.

We do our best to make all of your regulatory tasks easy and straightforward to accomplish in ShipCompliant, and now, if you need a little extra help to find or understand something, our new in-app Help feature can even suggest step-by-step articles that relate to what you’re looking at in your account. Or, search the entire Help Center without leaving your page.

Have a suggestion after reading an article? You can share it with us in a comment, or vote on whether an article is helpful. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Regulatory Updates in ShipCompliant
Following is an overview of product highlights from the past month. Please reach out with any questions or to request further information.

  • Tax reports and filings:
    • Alaska: The state Remote Seller’s report is now available for retailer accounts as well.
    • Florida: Florida forms 4000A-125-1, -2, and -3 now import the right product sizes.
    • Kentucky: We have removed the Vintner’s Wine Excise Tax Report and Schedule for DtC Orders, which is no longer required due to the new excise report.
    • Louisiana: We’ve updated the Louisiana Remote Seller Sales Tax Worksheet to reflect state changes in domicile codes.
    • Massachusetts: The state Sales and Use Tax Return is now e-file only.
    • Nevada: We’ve added the state’s new mailing address to Nevada Sales Tax Form TXR-01.01a.
    • North Carolina: We’ve corrected state Excise Tax B-C-786 (Wineries and Wine Shipper Permittees) Return so it now pulls only off-site orders.
    • Oregon: We’ve updated the state OLCC DS-1 Direct Shipper Statement so that it pulls the correct physical address for business premises.
    • Virginia: We’ve updated the state Direct Shipper’s Report and Excise Tax Payment to reflect the state’s new mailing address and new revision date.
  • Registrations:
    • New York: We now prompt for state-required Lab Analysis documents when registering a cider without a COLA.

As this year comes to a close, we’d also like to look back on some of the new features and improvements we’ve added to ShipCompliant. Check out this blog post for a review of the past year and a look ahead.