ShipCompliant Product News

Updated January 25, 2022


2022 is off to a busy start! Here is a look at some of the product and regulatory changes that the Sovos ShipCompliant team tracked and updated in our solutions this past month.

  • Georgia: We’ve updated the state ST-3 Sales and Use Tax report with cosmetic changes and added Johnson County as a new jurisdiction.
  • Idaho: All state direct shipper reports must now be e-filed. The state has also replaced Form 1752 (Wine Direct Shippers Tax Return) with Form 1754 (Distributors, Wholesalers, Wineries, Direct Shippers, and Strong Beer Breweries Tax Return). Strong beer (defined as beer greater than 5% ABV) is now reported on its own line, although tax rates remain the same. Exemptions are also now grouped on one line.
  • Illinois: The state has added new jurisdictions for the ST-1 and ST-2 Sales and Use Tax Return.
  • Louisiana: We’ve updated the R-1029 Sales and Use Tax Return with cosmetic changes.
  • Massachusetts: We’ve updated the e-file link for the state Direct Wine Shippers Annual Report.
  • Missouri: The state has added new jurisdictions for its Sales and Use Tax Returns.
  • North Dakota: The state Schedule G is now e-file only.
  • Ohio: State form ALC-37 (Wine and Mixed Beverage Tax Return) has been updated with cosmetic changes.
  • Pennsylvania: We’ve adjusted the state Excise Tax Direct Shipper report so it accurately generates when there are 0 orders.
  • Rhode Island: The state is using a new e-file portal for its Sales & Use tax returns.
    South Carolina: We’ve added an Excel template for L-BW-I-4: Report of Wine Shipments. We also updated form L-2166 to match address fields to the state format.

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