ShipCompliant Product News

Updated February 21, 2022


The busy January tax season has come to a close! Here are regulatory and product updates from the past month, outlining the day-to-day work we do to ensure our product is the most accurate, compliant and scalable in the business.

Regulatory Updates

  • Illinois: The state has added new jurisdictions to the ST-1 and ST-2 Sales and Use Tax Return.
  • Maine: We’ve updated the state Sales and Use Tax return with cosmetic changes.
  • Michigan: We’ve updated the annual state Sales, Use, and Withholding Tax Return with cosmetic changes.
  • Missouri: The state has added new jurisdictions to its Sales and Use Tax Returns.
  • New York: We’ve added a quarterly filing option for the MT-456 Return of Tax on Wines.
  • North Dakota: The state has revised its Sales, Use, and Gross Receipts tax rate for Richardton.
  • Rhode Island: We’ve added support for the state monthly and quarterly sales tax reports.
  • Texas: The state has added new jurisdictions to its Sales and Use Tax Returns.
  • Virginia: We’ve reorganized state forms ST-8 and -9 so they sort by Locality Name.

Product Updates

  • You can now edit Licenses directly from the Fulfillment State Approvals Page.
  • Starting next month, the New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax TRD-41413 form will be available both in PDF format and as a downloadable Excel file.

Also in March, you’ll be able to check out product highlights like these directly from the Help center in ShipCompliant! Our new Product Updates section will help you stay tuned in to all our regulatory changes, product changes and exciting new features.