Consumers with Buying Power Want DtC Beer Shipping

Rachel Hoffman | November 2, 2023

Direct-to-consumer (DtC) beer shipping has remained out of reach for beer enthusiasts who crave the convenience of having their favorite brews delivered right to their doorstep. The demand for DtC beer shipping is palpable, but the supply is disappointingly scarce, with only 10 states and D.C. allowing beer to be shipped to its residents.

A substantial majority of beer enthusiasts express a strong desire to, at the very least, have the legal option to have beer shipped to their homes. Who are these consumers, and what motivates them to seek DtC beer?

The thirst for DtC beer shipping

These potential DtC beer customers are already passionate about their brews. They regularly purchase beer from stores and embark on pilgrimages to craft breweries in search of unique flavors and limited-edition batches.  These consumers know that the types of beer they want are out there but may be difficult to find on the shelves of their local retailers.

The call for convenience

Those aged 34-44 and those with children under the age of 18 living in their household are particularly interested in purchasing beer DtC. These consumers are looking for convenience, as their responsibilities and commitments make it challenging to visit a brewery or specialty beer store. This insight disproves claims that mothers and families are universally opposed to the idea of shipping alcohol and instead, suggests that convenience is a compelling factor in their beer choices.

Supporting and promoting local brewers

The benefits of offering DtC shipping extend beyond the immediate revenue impacts. If a brewery offered DtC shipping, 82% of regular craft beer drinkers would likely buy from that brewery more often, and 85% of them would recommend their friends and family do the same.  If consumers know that their friends and family, regardless of their location, can enjoy the brewery’s beer, they become more likely to recommend it to their loved ones. DtC beer shipping, in this context, becomes a powerful tool for building brand loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

It’s abundantly clear that consumers want DtC beer shipping, however, legal barriers have held back the industry’s full potential. Craft breweries are poised to benefit greatly from expanded DtC shipping permissions, as long as they approach this opportunity with realistic expectations and set prices that ensure a good return on investment without overextending themselves.

It’s time for the beer industry to collaborate and extend the map of available legal beer shipping options. All that consumers are asking for is a chance to meet the clearly evident demand for DtC beer. It’s a win-win situation, and it’s time for the beer industry to raise a glass to a more accessible and consumer-friendly future.

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