Keep Pace with Changing Requirements in the Beer Industry with Sovos ShipCompliant


Breweries of all sizes are aware of the rapidly changing regulatory requirements for both three-tier and direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipping channels. Expanding product lines, moving distribution into new territories and accounting for all federal and state laws can put extra pressure on the organization. What does it take to maintain compliance without compromising other aspects of your brewery’s business? 

Here are real-world examples of how Sovos ShipCompliant can help those in the brewing industry get a handle on compliance. 


“Despite the patchwork and difficult landscape of malt beverage compliance, our team at Sovos ShipCompliant has gone above and beyond to ensure a smooth, functional, effective solution for managing filings, registrations, and compliance. We’re grateful for the time savings associated with managing disparate state laws and policies, as well as the peace of mind it offers.”

Use case #1: Brewery Automates Manual Processes & Centralizes Compliance 

Colorado-based Left Hand Brewing Co. struggled with scaling issues as it entered into new states, with employees manually completing all paperwork. The tedious and time-consuming process raised the risk of missing deadlines and overwhelmed the staff. Additionally, Left Hand had limited visibility into specific state compliance requirements, pushing employees to guess on numerous issues. 

The Sovos ShipCompliant Market Ready solution helped remove guesswork from Left Hand’s compliance efforts, while also automating the manual processes necessitated by mountains of paperwork. Compliance was centralized into a single platform, ensuring accuracy and providing peace of mind. The brewery can now expand into new regions faster than before and ensure that its product is on shelves when expected.  

“We’ve grown too much to let guesswork lead us to the next step. [ShipCompliant] helped us in that regard [with] a centralized point where everything lives. It’s as easy as the push of a button to get all of our paperwork done.” -Director of Accounting & Administration at Left Hand Brewing

Use case #2: Improved Registration Process Helps Brewery Focus on Biz Development 

Uinta Brewing had manual processes in place for maintaining compliance and conducting state product registrations. This inefficiency put extra pressure on employees and prevented them from being able to properly focus on other business priorities. 

With Sovos ShipCompliant 3-Tier Reporting and Market Ready solutions, Uinta has one platform where it can get answers on state requirements, register a product and keep track of licenses and documents. This helps the brewery save time and reduce the risk of errors. 

Uinta Brewing now has a “one-stop shop for regulatory compliance,” according to its director of regulatory compliance. Employees reduced their time spent on compliance from weeks to days and eliminated the risk of getting stuck on small regulatory issues. The brewery can get products to the market and in the hands of their customers faster. 

“It comes down to confidence—knowing that we can go to one place and get answers on state details and state requirements, and then in that same platform be able to actually register a product and keep track of licenses and other documentation. It's the Swiss Army knife of regulatory compliance.”

Director of Regulatory Compliance

Uinta Brewing

What Sovos ShipCompliant can do for you


  • Real-time compliance checks against more than 1,000 state rules and regulations
  • Rooftop-level, alcohol-specific tax determination 
  • Streamlined reporting 
  • Integrations with all major DtC e-commerce, point-of-sale and fulfillment systems 

Market Ready

  • Streamlined state product and brand label registrations 
  • Integrated directly with 10+ government systems, including the TTB 
  • Increased visibility with insight into ETAs for federal and state registration approvals 
  • A central repository for all brand compliance data, state requirements and forms, and license renewal deadlines 

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