3 Reasons Craft Beer Drinkers Want DtC Shipping

Rachel Hoffman | April 17, 2024

While only 11 states and D.C. allow direct-to-consumer (DtC) beer shipping, more than half of Americans ages 21+ (51%) would purchase more craft beer if they were able to have it shipped directly to their home. In this blog, we discuss the top three reasons why craft beer drinkers want beer sent directly to them via third-party shipping.

One of the key findings of the recently released 2024 Direct-to-Consumer Beer Shipping Report is the strong desire among Americans to have the option of purchasing craft beer directly from breweries and having it shipped to their homes. This is particularly true among regular craft beer drinkers, with nearly 4 in 5 expressing interest in DtC beer shipping. Craft beer drinkers’ enthusiasm for DtC shipping isn’t surprising given the convenience and access it offers to a wider range of brews, including those from out-of-state breweries.

Delivery is now a way of life

The growing interest in DtC beer shipping reflects a broader trend in consumer preferences towards online shopping and direct-to-consumer channels. From clothing and self-care products to food and beer, consumers are looking to have various everyday items delivered directly to their front doors. When focusing specifically on regular craft beer drinkers, the desire to purchase and have items delivered directly to their homes via a third-party carrier remains strong. While clothing tops the list with 69% expressing interest, beer follows closely behind at 61%.

Craft beer drinkers value variety

Craft beer enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new and exciting brews. Where allowed, DtC shipping offers a gateway to explore a vast array of craft beers from breweries across the nation, including unique and hard-to-find beers that may not be available locally.

With the ability to have beer shipped directly to their doorstep, consumers can access brews that may not be available in their local area. According to our report, 85% of regular craft beer drinkers say the ability to purchase beer for DtC shipping would increase their likelihood of trying out-of-state beers. This opens up a world of possibilities for beer aficionados to discover hidden gems, limited releases and unique flavors, ultimately enriching their craft beer experience.

DtC shipping is convenient

With DtC shipping, craft beer lovers can have their favorite brews, and ones new to them, delivered directly to their doorstep. Whether it’s a busy workweek, inclement weather or a lack of local retailers, DtC beer shipping offers convenience to craft beer drinkers. By streamlining the purchasing process, DtC shipping allows consumers to spend less time shopping and more time enjoying their favorite and new to them beverages.

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