Maximise efficiency with the first end-to-end solution for IPT

Automate jurisdiction-level summary reporting, remittance & payment for insurance premium tax.

Centralise Data & Guarantee Accuracy

Sovos IPT Reporting

Sovos is serious about regulatory analysis. It is a foundational core strength of our company around which we have built agile software solutions and a global infrastructure.

Sovos IPT Reporting is the processing engine that reports on and generates tax returns needed for insurance premium tax compliance on a global basis.  Combined with Sovos IPT Determination and our managed services, it provides the first complete compliance solution for insurance premium tax.

IPT Specialists

Support when you need it

We appreciate that some IPT obligations may sometimes require human intervention and additional analysis. That’s why our team of specialists work with you to review insurance policy data and validate premium taxes as appropriate to eradicate errors and provide a complete enhanced solution. Our multi-lingual team has long established relationships with the tax authorities to ensure a thorough understanding and interpretation of local rules for your compliance.

Easing the burden of tax compliance​

Expand IPT knowledge

  • Coverage of 50+ jurisdictions with increasingly global content
  • Detailed information on declaration and reporting requirements
  • Team of specialists fluent in 20+ languages and local regulations

Integrate with end-to-end efficiency

  • Calculate and report IPT across multiple locations with various local regulations via a single tool
  • Ensure audit defense with archived data
  • Encrypt and manage your data within a robust and secure environment

Compliance confidence

  • Perform data enrichment rules to fill-in gaps
  • Ensure reports are always submitted on time with filing calendar
  • Stay ahead of changes with notification alerts