Simplify Tax Determination For Every Transaction, In Any Jurisdiction

As indirect tax goes digital around the world, you’re now in a race to stay ahead.

Indirect Tax Software Solution

Global Tax Determination

You need accurate rates for value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), and sales and use tax. You need to be right every time — in real time — no matter how often rates change or how many product and jurisdictional combinations you’re managing.

By combining VAT, GST, excise, and sales and use tax determination support in a single solution, Sovos safeguards businesses from error-triggered audits, while keeping your systems up to speed with constantly changing determination rules.

Feature list

Real-time tax calculation

Get automated, accurate VAT, GST, and sales tax rates and rule updates for more than 185 countries, state and local jurisdictions for all sales and purchases. Sovos Global Tax Determination includes thousands of unique product codes and industry-specific content, product types and scenarios, including variables like caps and thresholds, drop shipments, tax holidays or project exemptions to stay compliant despite the most complex scenarios.

Centralised database

Easily consolidate your data for accurate tax calculation within a single system.

Simple integrations

Maximise resources by standardising and centralising data, reconciliations and reporting processes through certified adapters for SAP and Oracle and many other ERP, ecommerce and purchasing systems. Flexible REST API enables real-time calculation with any system.

Optimal cloud performance

Backed by the Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud and S1 Architecture, Global Tax Determination delivers instant tax calculations even during peak transactional periods, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Flexible deployment options ensure 100 percent up-time and performance.