eases its sales tax burden with Sovos

case study eases compliance burden with scalable, customisable solution


Business Challenges

  • was expanding into new jurisdictions

  • Complex reporting requirements necessitated an end-to-end solution


  • The automated Sovos Sales & Use Tax Determination and VAT solution was implemented quickly and easily

  • The scalable, customisable platform grows as expands


  • Increased accuracy reduces risk of errors

  • Staff now has more time to focus on growing the business

The Company is a premier supplier of health and fitness supplements, which it exclusively sells online. The company has multiple offices around the world and needed a compliance partner to manage its indirect tax needs for its growing e-commerce business. Due to the complexities of multiple taxing jurisdictions and the international nature of the business, choosing an end-to-end compliance partner was imperative to achieving sustained growth and success.

The Challenge

Prior to teaming up with Sovos, required their international customers to self-assess and self-remit sales tax on purchases. This made things easier for its internal teams, but led to increased inaccuracies and negative feedback from unhappy customers. The company needed a solution that was reliable and easy to use, while increasing accuracy and mitigating audit risk.

The Solution

By implementing the Sovos Sales & Use Tax Determination and VAT solution, now benefits from greater accuracy through automation and Sovos’ goods and services codes. Sovos delivers consistency and control over sales, use and value-added tax management. The adaptable, customisable and scalable system is ideal for As its footprint continues to grow, can simply “turn on” newly applicable products and jurisdictions, as it recently did in France. With Sovos solutions, is able to keep up with the correct tax rules and their growing compliance needs.

“We chose Sovos over their competitors for their software’s ease-of-use and fast implementation. Our IT team felt they could use Sovos more effectively. The integration required less coding, less time to implement and the interface is user-friendly.”

Steve Brooke

Assistant Controller,

The Results’s partnership with Sovos has eased its compliance burden, substantially increased its accuracy and allowed it to free up its tax and finance personnel to focus on more important tasks. Employees are now able to make more concrete and growth-oriented contributions.