Sovos Continues European Expansion with Acquisition of FiscalReps, Adding Leading Solution for Insurance Premium Tax Compliance

October 4, 2017

Earlier today, we announced that Sovos has acquired U.K.-based FiscalReps, Europe’s leading solution for Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) compliance. The acquisition does a few important things for our clients and the market as a whole: 

  1. It adds IPT to our global solution for insurance companies, helping those businesses consolidate solutions on a single platform with a single source of data.
  2. It automates another critical indirect tax solution, combining a market-leading solution with the Sovos software platform to help clients prepare for the digital future of IPT compliance.
  3. It expands our team in Europe to support increased demand for tax and reporting automation in the region.

Here’s what Sovos CEO Andy Hovancik had to say about the news:

“Insurers across Europe trust FiscalReps because the solution safeguards their businesses from mounting risks from governments looking to close longstanding gaps in IPT compliance. The addition of FiscalReps presents an opportunity to better prepare insurers for the digital future of tax compliance and reporting, while at the same time adding a talented team to support our clients in the region.”

A Changing Regulatory Environment. A New Risk to Already-Thin Profit Margins in Insurance

Similar to other indirect tax regulations, IPT compliance has become increasingly burdensome in recent years, requiring insurers to comply with 90 unique taxes and more than 500 complex forms in the European region alone. As governments turn to technology to clamp down on non-compliance, businesses have quickly turned to automation.

Through a combination of managed services and software, FiscalReps helps more than 400 businesses — including 20 of the top 50 insurance companies in Europe — calculate and file IPT in 27 European countries. FiscalReps gives those businesses a more automated and more accurate solution for filing thousands of IPT reports each year.

The Future of IPT Compliance Will Be Built on Global Software

The addition of FiscalReps to Sovos’ cloud software platform takes the solution one step further, according to FiscalReps CEO Mike Stalley, setting the stage for a unique global solution for the insurance market and accelerating software innovation in IPT compliance.

“The acquisition by Sovos is a great opportunity for our insurance clients, who will now have a truly global solution for all of their premium tax and regulatory reporting needs,” Stalley said. “With a proven track record in delivering tax technology solutions globally, the Sovos strategy aligns perfectly with FiscalReps’ ambitions to remain the market leader in this increasingly complex and challenging environment. We look forward to being part of the Sovos team and contributing to the success story.”

Another Step Closer to a Single Global Platform for Tax Compliance and Reporting

The FiscalReps acquisition is the second major deal in three months for Sovos, following the acquisition of Paperless, a leading software solution for a similar compliance challenge, real-time VAT reporting. For the past few years, we have been actively acquiring leading software businesses around the globe and integrating them into our Intelligent Compliance Cloud, an approach that is critical to keeping businesses ahead of disruptive tax and regulatory reporting requirements.

“The IPT market is another great example of governments pushing businesses toward global software automation by getting aggressive on enforcement of regulations to collect tax revenue,” Gledhill said. “As that trend continues to accelerate, Sovos is committed to adding market-leading solutions, like FiscalReps, to solve our clients’ biggest compliance challenges on a single platform and from a single source of data.”

Learn more about Sovos IPT Determination and Sovos IPT Managed Services here. You want to learn more about IPT? Read this guide about Insurance Premium Tax.

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Sovos was built to solve the complexities of the digital transformation of tax, with complete, connected offerings for tax determination, continuous transaction controls, tax reporting and more. Sovos customers include half the Fortune 500, as well as businesses of every size operating in more than 70 countries. The company’s SaaS products and proprietary Sovos S1 Platform integrate with a wide variety of business applications and government compliance processes. Sovos has employees throughout the Americas and Europe, and is owned by Hg and TA Associates.
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