Success Story: Vineyard Brands

The Organization

Birmingham, Alabama-based Vineyard Brands is a wine wholesaler and importer that was founded in 1971. An employee-owned enterprise, Vineyard Brands represents over 80 family-owned wineries throughout the world. The company’s mission is to select and offer wines of the best quality and value from the greatest places on Earth so that there is absolute confidence in any wine with "Imported by Vineyard Brands" on the label.  


Sovos ShipCompliant’s 3-Tier Reporting offered Vineyard Brands a more streamlined way to complete state tax reporting through a centralized database. This ensures accuracy, as Sovos ShipCompliant is powered with a team of regulatory experts and has strong relationships with state and federal agencies. Combining 3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile helps Vineyard Brands rest assured that the right amount is being remitted to the right taxing authority at the right time, dramatically shrinking the time spent on compliance reporting. 

Top Challenges

  • Vineyard Brands previously had one employee responsible for manually processing state tax reporting. After partnering with Sovos ShipCompliant, the organization has saved days per month on the compliance process.  
  • With 4,100 labels registered in one year, Vineyard Brands needed a way to streamline its reporting process. Relying on manual updates ran the risk of expirations and updates being missed.   
  • The wholesaler and importer also needed to ensure its timeliness and accuracy, catching any errors or missing information immediately so that corrections could be enabled prior to reports being filed. 


  • Vineyard Brands implemented Sovos ShipCompliant’s 3-Tier Reporting software solution with AutoFile to better store and track compliance data and file monthly state tax reports. 
  • Vineyard Brands no longer relies on manual efforts to keep track of the varying state-by-state filing requirements.  
  • Employees can now dedicate more time to key business initiatives, such as working on importing requirements with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile Benefits for Vineyard Brands 

  • Streamlined compliance process for state reporting 
  • Reduced time spent on label registration 
  • Employees can focus on other key business initiatives  
  • Eliminated need to manually look up individual state requirements 

“When I took over the compliance, there was absolutely no organization to the files. I got with our CEO and said, ‘There has to be a better way to organize this.’”

Tami Roper

Operational Compliance Coordinator, Vineyard Brands

Additional Benefits 

Vineyard Brands saw immediate results after implementing 3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile. All state requirements are easily searchable and clearly defined. Whether the organization needs to add a new state or check for updates, all information is stored in a collective database. Relying on manual processes was taking up employees’ time and ran the risk of reporting errors.   

Vineyard Brands now benefits from employees giving more attention to other important areas of the business, and not spending hours managing the organization’s compliance process.


Why 3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile? 

Sovos ShipCompliant 3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile ensures visibility and accuracy across all aspects of compliance, with automated filings, license renewals and monitored regulatory compliance changes. Expanding into new states or territories, or even beginning to offer different beverage alcohol types, can mean complicated processes. Opting for 3-Tier Reporting ensured that Vineyard Brands could save time, increase accuracy and eliminate its reliance on manual state reporting. 

“If a company doesn’t have streamlined compliance software, especially larger importers moving greater volumes of product, I don’t know how anybody manages without it. I would definitely suggest Sovos ShipCompliant.”

Tami Roper

Operational Compliance Coordinator, Vineyard Brands

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