Success Story: Vegan Wines

The Company

Vegan Wines was founded by Frances Gonzalez in 2017 and focuses on providing high-quality vegan wines from the soil to the bottle. Vegan Wines is a subscription-based club and online wine club that ships to over 41 states.

The Challenge

As a startup, Vegan Wines’ team was lean, and they did not have the staff to dedicate ample time to keep track and manage compliance for every order. Their team was spending a large amount of time processing online and wine club orders through the system, checking compliance by using spreadsheets and manual data entry and then individually forwarding them to their fulfillment partner.

  • Solution


  • Result

    Vegan Wines save about $10,000 per year or about 10 minutes per order by using this automated solution for reporting and license management.

We decided to go with ShipCompliant thanks to the integrations it has with our fulfillment partner, allowing us to automatically pass orders from our website through ShipCompliant, to our warehouse which then fulfills and ships the orders. Better yet, we could also receive the tracking information back through ShipCompliant making the process much easier for all parties and bringing a level of automation we did not have previously.

Operations Manager

Vegan Wines

The Solution

Vegan Wines was looking for a solution that could help manage their alcohol licenses and compliance. With Sovos ShipCompliant Direct, Vegan Wines was able to manage their shipping compliance, taxes and licenses using one solution. Direct helps streamline the reporting process, reduces the risk of errors and incorrect reporting, and keeps all licensing information in one place.

The Result

Since implementing Direct, Vegan Wines saves significant time and avoids the possibility of errors from any poor data management. They now save about $10,000 a year or about 10 minutes per order by using this automated solution. Orders are no longer reliant on one team member being available to process them—ShipCompliant handles it all. Without needing to manually check compliance and process orders, the team has more time to focus on other activities that help the company continue to grow.