Success Story: Uinta Brewing

Uinta Brewing Saves Time and Avoids Costly Registration Rejections with Sovos ShipCompliant

Uinta Brewing

Uinta Brewing Company has been brewing delicious craft beer in Salt Lake City, Utah since the winter of 1993. Back then their operations consisted of a renovated mechanic’s garage, and distribution limited to local bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. Today Uinta distributes around 50,000 barrels a year across 47 states.

  • Solution

    ShipCompliant 3-Tier Reporting and Market Ready

  • Results

    ShipCompliant streamlines how Uinta completes their state product registrations and reporting.

The Challenge: Confusing, Time-Consuming Reporting Distracted from Business Development

As Uinta continued to expand so did their compliance responsibilities. Before implementing ShipCompliant solutions, Uinta’s compliance resided in a series of folders. Each state had a folder with hard copies of registrations from the past and copies for completing in the future. Reporting was all done by hand as well, and routinely resulted in the team pulling long nights, filing everything manually and doing “so much math.” This was not an efficient process, considering that the team had several other responsibilities besides compliance.

It comes down to confidence—knowing that we can go to one place and get answers on state details and state requirements, and then in that same platform be able to actually register a product and keep track of licenses and other documentation. It's the Swiss Army knife of regulatory compliance.

Director of Regulatory Compliance

Uinta Brewing

The Solution: Using ShipCompliant Saves Time and Frustration

ShipCompliant 3-Tier Reporting and Market Ready has transformed how Uinta completes state product registrations and excise tax reports. Uinta is now more efficient when interacting with states when adding and taking back products from the market. By having just one platform where they can get answers on state requirements, register a product, and keep track of licenses and documents they save significant time while reducing the risk of errors.

The Result: More Time to Focus on Brewing Beer

With ShipCompliant, Uinta no longer runs into regulatory hurdles, problems, or delays so they can focus on what they do best—brewing beer. Since eliminating the risk of getting stuck on small regulatory issues, they can get their products to the market and in the hands of their customers faster. Instead of having employees dedicate all their time to manually filling out forms, ShipCompliant allows them to reduce their time spent on compliance—from weeks to days.

I think of it as a one-stop shop for regulatory compliance.

Director of Regulatory Compliance

Uinta Brewing