Success Story: Collective Arts Brewing

The Organization

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada-based Collective Arts Brewing has been producing and selling beer for nearly 10 years, recently expanding into distilling gin and crafting spirit-based, ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails. The brewery started selling products in the U.S. in 2016 and as of 2022 is in 20 states via 27 different distributors. Collective Arts also operates in Asia, Australia, Europe and Costa Rica. 


Collective Arts Brewing needed a more streamlined way to complete state tax reporting. Sovos ShipCompliant’s 3-Tier Reporting offers a centralized database that is always up-to-date with the latest regulations and requirements. The brewery needed this tool to save time, reduce inadvertent human errors and gain confidence around accurate filings. 

Top Challenges

  • Before partnering with Sovos ShipCompliant, Collective Arts Brewing had one employee responsible for manually processing state tax reporting. The process could take up to two full days each month to complete.
  • The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) typically requires beverage alcohol suppliers and producers selling in the U.S. to obtain Certificate of Label Approvals (COLAs) before product distribution. Collective Arts was utilizing manual processes that involved searching through a company database that sometimes contained errors or duplicate files.
  • The brewery’s busiest shipping times coincided with state tax due dates, putting extra pressure on the company to keep track of requirements, account for changes and meet all shipping deadlines. 


  • Collective Arts implemented Sovos ShipCompliant’s 3-Tier Reporting software solution with AutoFile to better store and track compliance data and file monthly state tax reports.

  • Collective Arts no longer relies on manual efforts to keep track of different filing requirements for different states.

  • Brewery employees can now dedicate more time to key business initiatives, such as customer service and telling the brand story, as well as improving overall operational management 

3-Tier Reporting Benefits for Collective Arts Brewing

  • Ability to dedicate more time to customer service

  • Eased the internal burden on employees

  • Streamlined brewery processes for new product set up

  • Cut down on time required for state tax reporting 

“Before Sovos ShipCompliant we often either submitted our taxes late or we're not getting shipments out the door. Since switching, that is not something we have to worry about. We can focus on getting our product out, which is how a brewery makes money.”

Scott Mallon

Manager, Logistics, Collective Arts

Additional Benefits 

Implementing 3-Tier Reporting brought immediate results for Collective Arts Brewing. As the brewery started shipping into more areas, state registrations, tax reporting and TTB filing quickly became overwhelming. Manual processes were taking up too much of employees’ time and sometimes resulting in errors. 

Collective Arts has saved time and money and has even taken inspiration from the efficiencies gained to dig in on streamlining other internal processes. 

Why 3-Tier Reporting? 

Sovos ShipCompliant 3-Tier Reporting with AutoFile offers a single place to store and track all compliance data. Users have visibility and accuracy across their compliance efforts, which can become increasingly complicated as a business grows and expands into new states or territories. AutoFile helps the brewery avoid manual reporting while ensuring timely and accurate filings. 

Eliminating manual state reporting, saving time and increasing accuracy made 3-Tier Reporting a complete solution for Collective Arts Brewing. To learn more about what this amazing brewery has to offer, click here

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