Success Story: Elenteny Imports

The Company

Elenteny Imports is a B2B logistics company servicing U.S. importers and wine, beer and spirits brands looking for a modern approach to the three-tier system of alcohol distribution. Elenteny Imports is a premier, cloud-based freight forwarder and importer with U.S. distribution access in all 50 states. Founded in 2010, they help brands navigate the three-tier system and expand their market reach.

The Challenge

Before adopting ShipCompliant solutions, Elenteny spent significant time submitting reports to each state individually and managed brand registrations with individual pdfs. In order to keep track of state licenses and requirements they had a binder, with a tab for each state—relying on individual state research, then printing and manually adding new information. Reports like gallonage and excise tax were managed on a spreadsheet, increasing the risk of human error and inaccurate data. All together, this made ensuring compliance in every state almost impossible.

  • Solution

    ShipCompliant Market Ready and 3-Tier Reporting

  • Results

    With ShipCompliant, Elenteny has saved hundreds of hours on brand registrations and reporting.

Brand label registrations is one category that we rely heavily on ShipCompliant for, for saving us time, making the process efficient, not only for creation of the physical paperwork that can be printed out and mailed or submitted electronically, just whatever’s in line with what the state requires.

Alcohol Compliance Manager

Elenteny Imports

The Solution

ShipCompliant allows Elenteny Imports to save significant time when it comes to looking up and understanding individual state regulations, brand registration requirements and COLAs, with everything located in one centralized platform. With Market Ready, they can submit brand label registrations faster and more efficiently, for states that require either paper or electronic submissions. It also allows them to track license renewals to make sure none of their licenses expire and they remain compliant.

The Result

With their compliance process faster and more efficient, Elenteny Imports can now focus on growing and expanding their business.

“ShipCompliant allows Elenteny Imports to save time, doing what otherwise would be manual labor, which in turn allows us to scale and grow our own business. Additionally, it provides us with a way of organizing and tracking our data in a single place, it is a solid organizational structure to the complex differing state regulations in the country.” - Alcohol Compliance Manager, Elenteny Imports