Delivery Management Software

A loyalty-building customer experience may start in your tasting room or on your website, but it doesn’t end there—certainly not if you’re working with ShipCompliant Delivery Experience tools to manage your direct-to-consumer shipping process.

License Management for Wineries

With this cloud-based delivery management software, you can:

  • Improve first-attempt delivery rates
  • Drive customer loyalty and improve reorder rate
  • Build customer satisfaction through customized email communications at key shipment milestones
  • Minimize expensive, frustrating returns
  • Measure your fulfillment performance to identify areas of improvement

Curious to learn more about how Delivery Experience provides all of the benefits described here? Take a peek at these mini demos—a series of six short videos that offer a detailed look at the different components of our delivery management software, including a quick overview, getting to know the dashboard, unshipped packages and en route views, email tools, and performance metrics.

Delivery Experience: Overview

An introduction to Sovos ShipCompliant’s delivery management software capabilities and what they can do to strengthen your DtC shipping processes

Delivery Experience: Dashboard

A look at DEX’s shipping command post, which provides visibility into the entire shipping process, from before a package goes out to after it is delivered

Delivery Experience: Unshipped Packages

How Sovos ShipCompliant’s delivery management software surfaces key order information before shipping to ensure nothing gets held up

Delivery Experience: En Route View

A look at how Sovos ShipCompliant’s delivery management software displays where all packages are in the shipping process in real-time

Delivery Experience: Email Communication Tools

An overview of how DEX’s automated and manual custom-branded email tools help you keep customers up-to-date on their shipments

Delivery Experience: Performance Metrics

How Sovos ShipCompliant’s delivery management software analyzes your DtC shipping return rate, delivery rate, and other shipping performance metrics, along with NPS

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