Sales Tax Guide for Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) Shipping

A free guide for DtC shippers of wine, beer, spirits, cider and saké

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Direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipping is an increasingly popular option for producers of alcohol. However, sales tax obligations add an extra layer of complication and cannot be overlooked. Maintaining compliance with ever-evolving rules is time-consuming and complex. Additionally, regulations, rules, filing requirements and reporting timelines can significantly vary from one state to the next. To help you bring your alcohol home, Sovos ShipCompliant offers this DtC shippers state by state tax guide of some common distribution rules.

Whether you are expanding into your second state or your 22nd state, it’s important to understand your sales tax obligations. Each jurisdiction can impose its own sales tax rates, and taxability rules on alcohol or specific products within the space can differ. Furthermore, filing and remitting forms are often modified. How can businesses keep pace with everything? What sort of state-by-state differences are there with regards to sales tax? 

This free guide explains the nuances of this complicated topic, breaking down the details for each state, ensuring you stay compliant wherever you do business with DtC shipping.  

The guide covers:  

  • Which states require DtC shippers to pay sales tax? 
  • Economic nexus thresholds by state 
  • Whether economic nexus impacts DtC shipping 
  • How alcohol is taxed differently from other products 


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