Maintain Compliance in the Ever-Evolving Wine Market with Sovos ShipCompliant


Whether you’re a large-scale winery looking to start a wine club or subscription service, or you’re a small vineyard that needs to improve its approach to wholesale compliance, regulations and requirements can quickly change. How can you maintain compliance without losing sight of other key business initiatives? 

Here are real-world examples of how Sovos ShipCompliant can help those in the wine space get a handle on compliance. 

Use case #1: Online Wine Club Saves Money on Reporting, License Management 

Vegan Wines is a subscription-based club and online wine club that ships to 38 states. The startup did not have the staff to dedicate ample time to track and manage compliance for every order. The team spent large amounts of time processing online and wine club orders through the system, used spreadsheets and manual data entry to check compliance and then individually forwarded the information on to their fulfillment partner. 

Sovos ShipCompliant Direct helps manage shipping compliance, taxes and licenses through one solution. Direct assists with streamlining the reporting process, reduces the risk of errors and incorrect reporting, and keeps all licensing information in one place. 

Vegan Wines saves about $10,000 per year, or about 10 minutes per order, by using Direct.  

“We decided to go with ShipCompliant thanks to the integrations it has with our fulfillment partner, allowing us to automatically pass orders from our website through ShipCompliant, to our warehouse, which then fulfills and ships the orders. We could also receive the tracking information back through ShipCompliant, making the process much easier for all parties and bringing a level of automation we did not have previously.”

Use case #2: Winery Eliminates Manual Reporting & Improves Customer Experience 

Family-owned and operated winery Moshin Vineyards produces approximately 10,000 cases annually with 50/50 direct-to-consumer and three-tier distribution. It was replicating state reporting forms in spreadsheets, manually transferring data from hard copies and then submitting forms at the end of each month. Employees had to know each state’s individual rules, looking up changes as they occurred. 

ShipCompliant Direct offers a comprehensive resource for state regulatory information. Moshin receives automatic notifications on state reporting due dates, license expirations and custom customer shipping email notices, ensuring customers get their packages. 

Moshin saves over 50 hours a month on checking compliance and knows that its team will be quickly informed of any compliance issues, eliminating shipping problems.  

“We absolutely fell in love with the idea of how [ShipCompliant] managed the DtC compliance process. Then we found software that would work with it, not the other way around. We were up and running within a month and humming along just perfectly normal within a quarter. ShipCompliant makes it possible to do our job and we can trust that [their] information is accurate. You just can’t put a price on customer satisfaction and peace of mind.”

Use case #3: Importer & Wholesaler Streamlines Compliance 

California-based importer and wholesaler Martine’s Wines needed better structure and efficiency for its compliance processes. A lack of a reliable system made it difficult to know when a state license might need a renewal, when to provide notice for when products were registered to state distributors, or when to inform clients on state license and shipping law requirements—which are often in flux. 

The Sovos ShipCompliant 3-Tier Reporting and Market Ready solutions helped Martine’s Wines gain greater visibility into the business with regulatory compliance, license management and automated registrations. The products provided a centralized database, shortened the time to market for new products and better empowered employees to bring the focus back to core business priorities. 

“Having these compliance-related resources at my fingertips gives us better peace of mind that our business is following the rules because anything can be looked up in a matter of seconds.”

Vice President

Martine’s Wines


What Sovos ShipCompliant can do for you


  • Real-time compliance checks against more than 1,000 state rules and regulations
  • Rooftop-level, alcohol-specific tax determination 
  • Streamlined reporting 
  • Integrations with all major DtC e-commerce, point-of-sale and fulfillment systems 

Market Ready

  • Streamlined state product and brand label registrations 
  • Integrated directly with 10+ government systems, including the TTB 
  • Increased visibility with insight into ETAs for federal and state registration approvals 
  • A central repository for all brand compliance data, state requirements and forms, and license renewal deadlines 

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