Direct-to-Consumer Shippers and Sales Tax: What You Need to Know

An ebook for DtC shippers of beverage alcohol

Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) Shippers and Sales Tax: What You Need to Know

For DtC shippers of beverage alcohol — including wine, beer and spirits — managing sales tax obligations across jurisdictions can be quite difficult since rules, regulations, filing requirements and reporting timelines vary significantly state by state.

Sales tax is uniquely complex in the United States. It can be applied at every jurisdictional level: state, city, county and district — but without rate uniformity. This means that there is a lot to know about sales tax in order to compliantly ship alcohol DtC.

How to stay on top of it all? This resource details everything you need to know about sales tax in order to remain in compliance when shipping alcohol to consumers across state lines, avoiding the risk of fines and other penalties, such as loss of licensure that can be devastating to your business.

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Download this ebook for a deep dive on the following topics of interest to all DtC shippers:

  • What is sales tax?
  • What are situs and nexus?
  • Dakota v. Wayfair, economic nexus thresholds, and marketplace facilitators
  • What are the sales tax compliance requirements for DtC sellers?
  • Special concerns for beverage alcohol companies selling DtC
  • How direct shippers can manage their numerous, complex sales tax obligations

Compounding the intricacy of the sales tax landscape for DtC shippers, almost everything is subject to change at any time. States are not always diligent in alerting taxpayers to changes in rates, forms and/or rules that might affect them. All of these factors can make it seem overwhelming to manage sales tax. 

This ebook will guide you in how to think about managing the multiple essentials of sales tax compliance, from collecting to remitting the correct tax, down to the street level — including accounting for all the special rules, markups and regulations applied by different jurisdictions all across the country.

Successfully shipping liquor, beer and wine to consumers across states lines involves successful sales tax compliance. Download this ebook now to ensure your business is set up for success.