White Paper: A Guide to Direct-to-Consumer Taxes for Brewers and Distillers

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Brewers and distillers entering the direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipping channel face numerous regulatory requirements, including a variety of tax implications. In fact, taxes on DtC shipments present a special challenge, as they require the shipper to recognize and manage a broader tax burden than if they were selling only through a state’s three-tier system. This extends to both a state’s excise taxes, based on the volume of sales made, and a state’s sales taxes, based on the value of sales made.

This free white paper takes a look at what those obligations are and how breweries and spirits producers can navigate them. Topics discussed include:

  • Sales tax rules for shipping beer and spirits direct-to-consumer
  • Excise tax requirements
  • Some unique tax scenarios for DtC alcohol shippers

Staying on top of tax obligations is critical to remaining in compliance when shipping alcohol to consumers across state lines, thus avoiding the risk of fines and other penalties.

Download your free copy of this white paper today for an expert overview of these essential tax topics for DtC beer and spirits shippers.