ShipCompliant Product News

Updated September 20, 2021


It’s back-to-school season, and here at Sovos ShipCompliant, we’re always studying up on the latest regulatory changes. We’re pleased to share with you these product updates from the past month.

  • Tax reports and filings:
    • Florida: We have updated Form 4000A-125-2 to add new columns that must be included for successful upload on Florida’s website. The new fields are for Distributor License Number and Distributor Business Entity ID. We also now support a CSV template for Forms 4000A-125-1 and -3.
    • Maryland: We now support both versions of the Form 030 Schedule (standard case sizes and custom case sizes) for Maryland Forms 030 and 324 - Resident/Non-Resident Report of Beer Shipments.
    • Mississippi: We have updated the Wholesale Gallonage Form 66-029 - Report of Beer Shipments in order to reflect state changes.
    • Missouri: The state Sales & Use Tax return is now online-only. The e-file link is now supported and the paper version has been removed.
    • North Carolina: Form BC-788 has been modified to reflect state cosmetic changes.
    • Oklahoma: The state has moved its Report of Distributor Shipments to e-file through OKTAP only.
    • Tennessee: The SLS-450 Sales & Use Tax report has been updated according to state changes.

As always, please feel free to reach out to our team with any questions or to request further information. We appreciate your continued business and partnership!