ShipCompliant Product News

Updated September 22, 2020


We have a variety of updates that we are excited to share this month about state registrations, tax filings, and direct-to-consumer product enhancements. 

Market Ready (State Registrations) Updates

Oklahoma is a valued partner of Sovos ShipCompliant. The details of their fee calculations for their state registrations are complex and nuanced. We have made two changes recently to further increase accuracy and visibility:

  1. We will analyze all open/pending registrations (rather than just approved registrations) for matching brand names to ensure fees are properly calculated based on unique brand and item details. Note: registrations may be open/pending between the time they are submitted by the distributor and approved by the state. The state logs into the Sovos ShipCompliant portal to review daily. *Oklahoma will soon be using our auto-approval feature as well. This will improve response times from daily to instantaneously.* 
  2. We have enhanced our PRO (Product Registration Online) Fees by Brand analytics report to show the detailed fee breakdown. We know you count on Market Ready to both submit your state registrations as well as understand the financials associated, and are pleased to provide further insight.  

Coming soon! Oklahoma, Minnesota, New York, South Dakota, Louisiana, and Arkansas renewals will sync into ShipCompliant Market Ready to enable full tracking of all active registrations. 

These active registrations will be displayed on the Label Registration page in ShipCompliant. Just recently, we completed performance improvements on this page. It now loads all of your registration data twice as fast!

Tax Filing Updates

A quick reminder that Connecticut and Indiana moved their online portals for filing sales and use taxes. The new portal for Connecticut will be live on the Department of Revenue Services website on September 21 and the new portal for Indiana became available on September 8, however the prior portal will remain available for filing until the end of the calendar year. As such, we will direct online sales and use tax filings in Indiana to the new portal beginning in October to provide additional time to register. For those that choose to file these returns online, we suggest creating an account on the new portal by visiting the respective pages and following instructions for registering with the new systems. 

Connecticut: myconneCT system

Indiana: INTIME System

Please also be sure to update any relevant account information for those subscribed to AutoFile.

For those of you subscribed to our managed service filing product, AutoFile, the Chicago Liquor Tax Return is now available! To learn more about our managed service report filing offering, AutoFile, please reach out to your existing account executive or contact us via our website and someone will be in touch shortly.

Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) Product Enhancements

As the DtC shipping space continues to expand, the carrier codes accepted by ShipCompliant have also expanded. We now support orders being committed with new carrier codes for Vine Vault Refrigerated, Eagle Rock Fulfillment, Class Wines, Vinum 55, and FedEx SmartPost.

We also have a major focus on system performance and reliability going into the holiday shipping season. We’ve completed performance enhancements to our order exports and fulfillment management pages and will continue to keep a close eye on our key performance metrics leading up to and in OND. Please reach out to our Support team with any concerns or questions here. 

General Updates

SAML 2.0 SSO (Single Sign On) functionality is live and available for customers. This new subscription offering will allow Sovos ShipCompliant clients to utilize their organization's current Access Management Software (such as Okta or Microsoft Azure) to quickly and securely access the ShipCompliant portal. New users can even be provisioned automatically. Please reach out to your account representative if you are interested in learning more!

As always, we would like to encourage feedback on your experience with our organization and our products. Please note the box in the bottom right corner of the product asking how likely you would be to recommend our products. We appreciate all ratings and comments associated. This information is reviewed on a weekly basis. 

Please visit the Sovos Portal for further information on product changes via our monthly release notes.