ShipCompliant Product News

Updated October 19, 2022


Here at Sovos ShipCompliant, we always stay on top of regulatory trends to make sure you don’t get spooked by surprise fees or changes! Following are some updates we’ve added to the product in recent weeks. 

  • Illinois: We've corrected tax rates for certain jurisdictions on state forms ST-1 and ST-2 Sales and Use Tax Return.
  • Maine: We made changes to the state Report of Shipments to make sure combos populate correctly on the return.
  • Minnesota: We made updates to the Malt Beverage/Brewer Excise Tax Return LB-40 & -41 in line with state template changes.
  • Missouri: We fixed an issue where state jurisdiction codes were populating differently on the PDF and Excel versions of the state Sales and Use Tax Return. We also fixed a problem preventing excise tax from calculating correctly for malt beverages and cider on the state Sales to Wholesale Dealers and Monthly Report.
  • New Mexico: We fixed a problem with tax calculations on the state Gross Receipts Tax TRD-41413 return.
  • New York: We've updated the state Malt Beverage Registration Form with new date ranges and other minor changes.
  • Oregon: We now support the new Direct Shipper Filer Privilege Tax Number license.
  • South Carolina:  
    • We made minor changes to state form ABL-107A: Application for Liquor Brand Registration in line with state updates.
    • We made updates to form ST-3: Sales And Use Tax Return (Section ST-389) in line with state template changes.
  • Texas: We fixed a bug that was displaying wholesale orders on the state C-240 Report of Wine Shipped to Ultimate Consumers. We also fixed a problem with the same report that resulted in columns not displaying on the template.
  • West Virginia: We fixed an issue where cider products were displaying on state forms WNE-01 Monthly Summary Report of Wine Shipped and WNE-02 Direct Shipper's Report of Wine Shipped.
  • Wisconsin:  
    • We fixed the way taxes calculate on the state AB-130 & -131 Liquor Tax and Wholesale Schedule to ensure they calculate appropriately for combos of products with different ABVs. We also now support cider products on this report.
    • We fixed a problem where ciders of 7% ABV or less were being duplicated on the state BT 101/104 Fermented Malt Beverage Tax Return & Schedule. These ciders are reported on the AB 130/131 Liquor Tax and Wholesale Schedule

We also: 

  • Corrected an issue where GSO tracking numbers and shipment statuses were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed a problem preventing the addition of tracking numbers on the Fulfillment Management page.
  • Updated our SOAP and REST API methods to support the new Retail Delivery Fee in Colorado. The new API functionality allows all integrated partners to collect this new fee alongside the recommended sales tax due. 

As always, check out the Product Updates section in your ShipCompliant Resource Center to stay on top of monthly compliance and maintenance updates. This information is now also available in the Help Center. We appreciate your continued business and partnership!