ShipCompliant Product News

Updated October 26, 2021


We’ve been working on a variety of new features and offerings to keep your ShipCompliant experience seamless and efficient. Here are a few highlights of what’s been recently released and what’s coming in the weeks and months ahead.

PRO renewal subscription now available

Rather than renewing product registrations outside of ShipCompliant, you can now renew within your account for a flat rate, avoiding state system one-off technology fees. This new subscription offering allows you to access each license’s renewal portal directly from the ShipCompliant Registrations section. Please reach out to your account manager or our Support team for more information.

Coming soon: data dashboard for direct-to-consumer solution

A data-driven facelift for ShipCompliant is now in beta testing! This new data dashboard will soon launch featuring four modules:

  • Needs Attention: This module will advise how many licenses are expiring soon, and link you directly to update them. It will give insight into orders with fulfillment exceptions; state reports needing tracking numbers, licenses, etc., prior to filing; and compliance rules that need to be acknowledged.
  • Business Insights: Here you will find a visual showing gross sales month to date (with a year over year comparison), transactions month to date (with a year over year comparison), estimated tax due for the month, number of reports due for the month, and a real-time count of reports that have been filed.
  • State Breakdown Map: This visual indicator will be color coded to indicate DtC shipping enabled, DtC shipping available, and DtC shipping prohibited. Hovering over any state will show additional detail into year to date gross sales, number of transactions, average transaction size, volume sold, and top selling product SKUs.
  • AVL Thresholds: For states that have an aggregate volume limit threshold, we will provide red/yellow/green color coded insight into the days remaining in the period and how close you are to hitting that threshold. 

SST Model 1

As of January this year, DtC alcohol shippers are eligible to participate in Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) Model 1 offerings by Certified Service Providers such as Sovos. We are now accepting customers for this new offering! Once you subscribe, you’ll receive a discount on your AutoFile subscription price, full audit protection for sales tax filings in the SST states, entity exemption certificate management services, and product SKU tax mapping services. There is a list of qualifications to participate. To learn more, please email us or check out this blog

We appreciate your continued business and partnership!