ShipCompliant Product News

Updated November 18, 2021


It’s a great time to say thank you! As we head into the holiday season, the entire team at Sovos ShipCompliant wants to express our gratitude for you, our customer. We thank you for your support and your feedback throughout the year, which enables us to ensure that our solutions continue to meet your needs.

Here is a look at our most recent product updates and additions.

  • Tax reports and filings:
    • Alaska: The Remote Seller sales tax return now includes two new jurisdictions (the cities of Aniak and Nenana).
    • California: We have updated tax rates to reflect some changes in the schedule, and we have added the city of Iselton.
    • Illinois: We have updated Sales Tax reports with new state jurisdictions.
    • North Carolina: We now support monthly sales tax prepayment as a new frequency on the E500 Return. These payment amounts will be shown on the monthly report. We also now support the Name of Common Carrier field, required on state direct-to-consumer wine registrations.
    • Missouri: We have removed dollar signs from the state Vendor reports because they were causing an error when read by the computer. We have also updated Sales Tax reports with new state jurisdictions.
    • North Dakota: We have fixed an issue where Schedule A and C were showing incorrect volumes when uploaded. We have also updated the Sales and Use tax report to reflect a change in local tax rate for Hankinson (from 2% to 3%) and a changed revision date.
    • Ohio: The ALC-83 Beer and Malt Beverage return has been updated to reflect cosmetic changes, and to add a total for all gallonage from the schedule.
    • Oklahoma: The state no longer requires Non-Resident Seller or Manufacturer licensees to remit excise taxes to the state. We have updated the Report of Distributor Shipments to reflect this change. We have also re-enabled the email option for these licensees to submit this report, as required by the state.
    • Oregon: The state requires reports to be in ASCII format for its website. We now support .txt files for state reports to fulfill this requirement.
    • Pennsylvania: We have fixed an error with the REV-1052 Taxable Malt Beverage Report that prevented it from being submitted. We also have made the REV-1052 and Pennsylvania Sales Tax reports available for retailer accounts.
    • Texas: We have updated Sales Tax reports with new state jurisdictions.
    • Virginia: The state Alcoholic Beverage Control Department has a new mailing address; we have updated all relevant state forms to reflect this change.
    • Washington: We have updated the Combined Tax Return with state changes to the filing period, due dates and deductions.
  • Direct-to-consumer shipping compliance:
    • Alabama: We now support a Sales and Use tax return for direct-to-consumer shipments of wine, sparkling wine and cider to Alabama. 

Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions or for further information. We appreciate your continued business and partnership!