ShipCompliant Product News

Updated May 23, 2023


April showers bring May flowers – and a host of regulatory and reporting updates to help you stay on top of compliance. 

  • California: We updated state forms CDTFA 401-A2 Sales and Use Tax Return and Sales and Use Tax Return for Retailers with rate changes.
  • Nebraska: We updated state Form 10: State and Local Sales and Use Tax Return. Jurisdictions Halsey, Hallam, Emerson, and Wynot were added.
  • Nevada: We updated the LTD-04 Report of Shipments of Alcoholic Beverages and LIQ-STC Supplier Liquor Excise Tax Return with minor changes, including the form names.
  • New York: We updated the ST-809 State and Local Sales and Use Tax Return for Part-Quarterly (Monthly) Filers with minor changes.
  • North Dakota: We updated the state Sales, Use, and Gross Receipts Tax Return - Local Schedule. The city of Max increased its rate from 1.0% to 2.5%, and the city of Wishek added a vendor's compensation rate and a maximum allowed vendor's compensation.
  • Ohio: We added an email option for the Ohio Distributor Shipments Notice and Invoices report. We also refined the state Market Ready registration process so that you can register a product or label as Direct-to-Consumer only. 
  • Texas: We removed a Hold At Location (HAL) address for FedEx shipments after being advised that it was a privately owned location, which charges customers to pick up their packages. This location (The Mailing Point, Plano TX 75075) will no longer be an option for customers to select.
  • Virginia: We fixed a problem with the state Excise Tax Direct Shipper's Report and Excise Tax Payment (Single Permit) that was preventing download and recalculation.

As always, stay on top of changes and updates in your ShipCompliant account by checking out the Resource Center. Thank you for your continued business and partnership!