ShipCompliant Product News

Updated May 24, 2021


We hope you found last month’s updates on our product roadmap initiatives helpful. This month, we’re excited to share the many changes we’ve released since our March newsletter that keep the ShipCompliant suite of solutions always up-to-date. 

  • Direct-to-Consumer (DtC):
    • Our new DtC Rest API has an updated swagger page that now places an asterisk(*) by required fields, this is denoted in the Schema section of the methods.
    • We’re conducting database work that will enable our platform to continuously scale as the industry grows both in terms of volume and available product types.
    • We’ve made customer aggregate volume limit (CAVL) performance improvements around compliance checks via import and API.
  • Tax Reports & Filings:
    • Alaska economic nexus tax preference has been added as an option for those that qualify.
    • California Sales and Use Tax Return local schedule CDTFA-531-A2 has been updated.
    • Connecticut AU-933 Report of Shipments to Distributors from Non-Registered Suppliers has an updated mailing address as well as an updated form.
    • Connecticut O-255 Wholesale Alcoholic Beverage Tax Return now supports Cider as a product type.
    • Connecticut O-255 Wholesale Alcoholic Beverage Tax Return Form BT-8 Schedule D has been revised.
    • Delaware Out-of-State Supplier Report of Alcoholic Beverages Shipped is now eFile only.
    • Florida 4000A-125-2 Wines Shipped To/Within Florida has an updated product size ID for sparkling wine of 6 (it was 4 previously).
    • Idaho Form 1752 Wine Wholesalers, Wineries and Wine Direct Shippers Tax Return is now only required for direct shippers, and has been renamed Idaho Form 1752 Wine Direct Shippers Tax Return.
    • Illinois now supports Cider on the RL-26-W liquor direct wine shipper return.
    • Illinois ST-1 and ST-2 Sales and Use Tax Return now includes district names in the location field.
    • Iowa CV-1 & CV-2 Report of Shipments of Wine and Iowa CB-1 & CB-2 Report of Shipments of Beer are now eFile only.
    • Kentucky Quarterly Return of Direct Shippers of Alcohol is now a monthly return and includes Sparkling Wine as a product type.
    • Maine Direct Shipper Excise Tax and Premium Report of Table Wine, Sparkling and Fortified Wine now has an updated email address.
    • Maine Division of Liquor Licensing & Enforcement - Report of Low Alcohol Shipments, Malt Beverages and Wine Shipments have moved to manual file only as copies of purchase orders are now required to be amended to the report (they can no longer be filed by our AutoFile service as this information does not reside in ShipCompliant).
    • Maryland Form DWS-315 Direct Wine Shipper Tax Return now has an eFile option available.
    • Michigan LCC-3023 Outstate Sellers Monthly Report for Beer and Wine have been updated.
    • Mississippi Form 66-029 Report of Beer Shipments now includes combo/VAPs products.
    • Missouri Sales and Use Tax return now has an updated reporting code mapping.
    • Nebraska Form 10 State and Local Sales and Use Tax Return has been updated.
    • New Jersey R-1-W Alcoholic Beverage Tax Return now supports Cider as a product type.
    • New Mexico Liquor Excise Tax Return for Direct Shippers now supports Cider as a product type.
    • Texas C-231 Nonresident Malt Beverage Report now includes Combo/VAP products.
    • Virginia Sales and Use Tax Return, Voucher, and Schedule of Local Taxes (ST-8 Out-of-State Dealer’s Use Tax & ST-9 Retail Sales/Use Tax Return) has been updated.
    • Washington annual Combined Excise Tax Return has been updated.
    • West Virginia WNE-02 Direct Shipper’s Report of Wine Shipped now has a quarterly frequency.
    • Wisconsin AB-130 & AB-135 Liquor Tax and Direct Shipper Schedule  now supports Cider as a product type. 
  • State Label Registrations:
    • Minnesota state registrations will now surface the “style” field.
    • Oklahoma imported wine renewal fee calculation has been updated.
    • Rhode Island label registration state fees have been updated.
    • Texas Cider registrations are classified as wine and will now show on C-270W form. 

We appreciate your continued business and partnership!

For past detailed notes on monthly compliance and maintenance updates, we encourage you to visit our release notes in the Sovos Portal.