ShipCompliant Product News

Updated March 25, 2021


Happy Spring! We’re excited not only for the seasonal renewal but also to share the many changes we’ve released in the past month that keep the ShipCompliant suite of solutions always up-to-date. Stay tuned for an overview of our larger product initiatives coming next month.

Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) Compliance:

  • In accordance with Dollar General's corporate policy, ShipCompliant will no longer return Dollar General stores in the FindHoldAtLocations API response.
  • New functionality to support local tax rate collection for licensees that have physical nexus locations in Colorado is now available. (Please contact support for more information).

Tax Reports & Filings:

  • The state contact email address to submit the Arkansas Wholesale Gallonage Monthly Brewery Report and the Arkansas Wholesale Gallonage Distributor Shipments Notice and Invoices has been updated per the state's request.
  • The Illinois ST-1 and ST-2 reports have been updated to support sellers with economic nexus in the state. Local jurisdictions may now be reported on the ST-2 for those that subscribe to the economic nexus frequencies.
  • Cosmetic changes have been made to the Iowa Sales and Use Tax Return to reflect the most up-to-date version of the report. 
  • The Kentucky Sales and Use Tax Report has been updated to support the mandated efile format. 
  • The Kentucky Quarterly Return of Direct Shippers of Alcohol has been updated to a paper-only version in adherence with the state's requirements.
  • The Kentucky Quarterly Return of Direct Shippers of Alcohol has been updated to exclude wholesale orders in accordance with the report's data requirements.
  • Formatting updates were made to the New York Sales Tax Report to resolve issues preventing licensees from bulk uploading order data to the state's eFile site.
  • The state contact email address to submit the North Carolina Wine Shipper Quarterly Shipment Report has been updated per the state's request.
  • The mailing address for the Oklahoma 20005 A Vendor Use Tax Report has been updated.
  • ShipCompliant now supports the new mandatory excel format for the Oregon CERA Wine and Malt Beverages Return that may be converted to a text delimited format and uploaded on the Oregon website.
  • A new alternate excel format for the West Virginia CST270 Report has been made available for clients to leverage when they have 25 or more sales in a given reporting period.

State Label Registrations:

  • The Texas C-270 Wine and Malt Beverage Registration Forms have been updated to reflect the most recent revisions made by the state. 
  • Distributors in Kentucky can now add and update their eSignature in PRO (Product Registration Online).

We appreciate your continued business and partnership!

For past detailed notes on monthly compliance and maintenance updates, we encourage you to visit our release notes in the Sovos Portal