ShipCompliant Product News

Updated June 24, 2022


Even in the summer, we’re never on vacation from tracking regulatory updates and changes. Here’s a selection of highlights and news from the last month. 

Product highlights 

  • Alaska: We added new jurisdictions to the state Remote Seller Sales Tax Return: Quinhagak (3% tax), and Excursion Inlet (3.5% city tax). 
  • Idaho: You can now subscribe to an e-File option for Form 1754: Wine Direct Shippers Tax Return. 
  • Illinois: We now support an upload option for Form RL-26-L: Out-of-State Sellers Shipment Report. 
  • Kansas: We've added an email option for Form ABC-1003: Suppliers Monthly Report of Shipments to Distributors. 
  • Minnesota: We now support a new upload option for the state Sales and Use Tax Worksheet. 
  • Mississippi: State form 66-029: Report of Beer Shipments should now be filed via the online TAP system. We've added a new upload option for this report. 
  • Montana: We added a new Excel download option for the state WIT: Wine Distributors and Wineries Tax Return. 
  • Texas: We updated state form C-240: Quarterly Report of Wine Shipped to Ultimate Consumers with minor changes. 
  • Washington: We updated the state Combined Tax Return with cosmetic changes. 

Colorado announced a new Retail Delivery Fee (RDF). ShipCompliant will support this new RDF, imposed starting July 1, 2022. This fee—$0.27 per retail sale for delivery—will apply to all retail sales delivered by a motor vehicle to a location in Colorado, including third-party deliveries. For more, see the Colorado state government informational site.  

Stay tuned for more on all of these regulatory changes and stay cool! 

For detailed notes on monthly compliance and maintenance updates, check out the Product Updates section in your ShipCompliant Resource Center.