ShipCompliant Product News

Updated July 26, 2021


We hope you find this overview of the product updates we have released during the past month, along with some “coming soon” highlights, helpful. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or to request further information. 

  • Tax reports and filings:
    • Alaska: Added support for Remote Sellers Sales Tax Commission Reporting Form.
    • Florida: Replaced the bracket system used for sales tax. Florida will round to two decimal places (if the third decimal is greater than four, round the second decimal up).
    • Iowa: Report of Shipments of Wine to Iowa Consumers has been updated to be E-file Only.
    • Iowa: CV-1 & CV-2 Report of Shipments of Wine and Iowa CB-1 & CB-2 Report of Shipments of Beer have been updated to be due on the 10 of the month.
    • Kansas: ABC-1040 Special Order Shipping Annual Gallonage Tax Return and Sales Report is now online only, and reported on a quarterly basis.  (Previously this form was submitted by paper on an annual basis).
    • Kansas: Created a new economic nexus tax preference to support sales tax calculation for non-alcohol products.
    • Kentucky: Direct shippers are now required to pass the wholesale taxes on to their customers at point of sale. The wholesale taxes in Kentucky are now part of the taxable base when determining sales tax. They are 7% for beer and wine, and 7.7% for distilled spirits. This was implemented as part of the base state rate tax preference. We also created a new tax preference called “Small Farm Winery" that does not include the wholesale taxes.
    • North Carolina: Wine Shipper Quarterly Shipment Report - .xls version added.
    • North Carolina: Nonresident Wine Vendor Report mailing address update (3301 Terminal Drive Suite 125 Raleigh, NC 27604).
    • Washington: updated mailing address (PO Box 43085 Olympia, WA 98504-3085) for the following reports:
      • Washington Form LIQ-308 Beer Certificate of Approval Holder Summary Tax Report
      • Washington Form LIQ-318 Wine Authorized Representative Certificate of Approval Holder Summary Tax Report
      • Washington Form LIQ-319 Beer Representative Certificate of Approval Holder Summary Tax Report
      • Washington Liquor Shipment and Tax Report


  • State label registrations:
    • The Louisiana active brands site no longer includes distributor information for Market Ready clients.
    • New York: Lab Analysis documents are now required for beer registrations without a COLA.
  • Direct-to-consumer (DtC) compliance:
    • Check Compliance API performance improvements. 


Coming soon: PRO renewal subscription

A new subscription offering within the ShipCompliant Market Ready platform, PRO Renewals can be accessed within ShipCompliant under the Registrations tab. These renewals are processed without technology fees assessed. Please reach out to your account manager or our Support team for more information.

Coming soon: Data Dashboard (DtC)

A data driven, user experience-focused facelift for ShipCompliant is coming later this summer. Starting then, when you log in to your ShipCompliant account, you’ll be greeted with a new landing page displaying the most important areas of focus for the day. This new data dashboard will launch featuring four modules:

  • Needs Attention: This module will advise how many licenses are expiring soon, and link you directly to update them. It will give insight into orders with fulfillment exceptions; state reports needing tracking numbers, licenses, etc., prior to filing; and compliance rules that need to be acknowledged.
  • Business Insights: Here you will find a visual showing gross sales month-to-date (with a year-over-year comparison), transactions month-to-date (with a year-over-year comparison), estimated tax due for the month, number of reports due for the month, and a real-time count of reports that have been filed.
  • State Breakdown Map: This visual indicator will be color coded to indicate DtC shipping enabled, DtC shipping available, and DtC shipping prohibited. Hovering over any state will show additional detail into order details.
  • AVL Thresholds: For states that have an aggregate volume limit threshold, you will see red/yellow/green color coded insight into the days remaining in the period and how close you are to hitting that threshold. 

We appreciate your continued business and partnership!