ShipCompliant Product News

Updated February 24, 2023


Winter weather may cool off, but the heat of regulatory updates and changes is always on! Here’s a roundup of changes made within our Sovos ShipCompliant solutions from the past month. 

Reporting updates: 

  • Alaska: We've updated the state Remote Seller Sales Tax Worksheet with a jurisdiction change (city of Unalakleet) and fixed a problem with the exempt sales on the same form. We've also fixed a bug with the state Remote Sellers tax forms that was leading to discrepancies in tax amounts displayed.
  • Arizona: We now support .xlsx format for the state Annual Direct Shipping Report.
  • California: We've updated state Sales and Use Tax Return forms with rate and reporting code changes.
  • Connecticut: We fixed a problem with form AU-933 Report of Shipments to Distributors from Non-Registered Suppliers, which was causing products to be duplicated in the columns Distilled Liquor and Liquor Coolers.
  • Florida: We've added a new eFile option for the state DR-15 Sales and Use Tax Return.
  • Louisiana: The state Excise Tax R-5696-L Advanced Controller Report was updated to show local jurisdictions on an order level.
  • Maine: The state Sales and Use Tax Report has a new eFile URL.
  • Michigan: We made minor updates to form LCC 3890 Wine Tax Report in line with state changes. We've also updated the state Sales, Use, and Withholding Taxes Return with minor changes and the state Sales, Use, and Withholding Taxes Return (Annual) with minor changes.
  • Missouri: We updated the state Sales and Use Tax Return Forms 53-I and -V with minor changes.
  • Nebraska: We added jurisdictions to the local schedule for the state Sales and Use Tax Return (city of Byron, with a 1% rate, and city of Sutherland, with a 1.5% rate).
  • North Dakota: We updated the state Sales, Use, and Gross Receipts Tax Report to correspond with state changes.
  • Pennsylvania: There's a new eFile URL for the state Sales Tax Return, Direct Wine Shipper Tax Return, and REV-1052 Monthly Report of Taxable Malt Beverages.
  • South Carolina: The state L-BW-I-4 Report of Wine Shipments and L-BW-I-1 Brewer's & Importer's Monthly Report of Beer Shipments have moved to eFile only.
  • Tennessee: We fixed a bug with the state Excise Tax Quarterly Direct Shipper Report that was preventing uploads to the state website.
  • Wyoming: We fixed a bug with state Sales Tax Returns that was preventing taxable sales amounts from showing in the .csv versions.

We've also updated various reports for Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri and Texas with new jurisdictions. 

General updates: 

  • We fixed a bug preventing return confirmation PDFs from showing in the Accounting tab.
  • We've expanded the limit on the product Container Size field, so you can now add products with sizes over 999 L.
  • We've expanded the date range on the product Vintage field, so you can now add products with earlier vintages.
  • We also completed some security-related upgrades. 

As always, check out the What’s New section in your ShipCompliant Resource Center to stay on top of monthly compliance and maintenance updates. This information is now also available in the Help Center.