ShipCompliant Product News

Updated February 22, 2020


Congrats on making it through the busy month of January! For us over here at ShipCompliant, getting to February feels like a breath of fresh air. 

We’ve recently shared updates highlighting our larger, strategic projects, and want to take the opportunity this month to spotlight some of our consistent and steady efforts to maintain compliance with all state rules and forms in our solutions that in turn ensure your company’s successful compliance. 

Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) compliance:

  • Both Product Registration Online (PRO) and ShipCompliant's state registration product, Market Ready, now support DtC registrations in Kentucky!
  • A new Wines Not of Own Production (NOOP) rule has been created to support DtC shipping laws in Kentucky and New Hampshire, which require licensees to own the brands they are selling, regardless of who produced the product.
  • A new brand-level Customer Aggregate Volume Limit (CAVL) rule is now supported in
  • ShipCompliant to help beer shippers comply with Pennsylvania's CAVL laws for DtC beer shipping.
    ShipCompliant now supports a new Packing List PDF that contains BPA warnings mandated by the state of California. It is called "Packing List - BPA."

Tax Reports & Filings:

  • Two additional Colorado jurisdictions are now supported for tax rates and reporting. The tax rates are supported for the Edwards Metropolitan District and the Arrowhead Metropolitan District.
  • Canon City, Colorado is no longer a locally administered jurisdiction and has moved to state administration for sales and use taxes. This location will now populate on the state SUT return (XML and PDF). 
  • The Connecticut O-255 form will now generate page 3 for licensees using the direct shipper only frequency, as requested by the state.
  • The Illinois ST-1 and ST-2 reports have been updated to support sellers with economic nexus in the state. 
  • Updates were made to the Kansas ABC-1040 Report to reflect cosmetic changes and an updated mailing address. 
  • Cosmetic changes have been made to the Michigan 5080 Monthly and Quarterly SUT Return to reflect changes made for 2021 filings. 
  • The Michigan 5081 Annual Return has been updated to reflect cosmetic changes introduced by the state. 
  • The Michigan Annual Sales Tax Reconciliation Report has been updated such that the report name now includes the frequencies that should use this report. 
  • Updates have been made to the Nebraska Local Sales Use Tax Return to reflect rate changes effective January 1, 2021. 
  • The New Hampshire Direct Shipper Report has been updated to reflect a new mailing address. 
  • ShipCompliant now supports the New York MT-456 Alcoholic Beverages Tax Return. This is a new form that replaces the existing MT-40 Return. 
  • The North Dakota ST-Local Sales and Use Tax Return Form has been updated with local rate changes and new jurisdictions that began imposing rates in 2021. 
  • ShipCompliant now supports the new mandatory Excel format for the Oregon CERA Wine and Malt Beverages Return. 
  • The new Excel template required to e-file the South Carolina L-2166 Excise Tax Return is now supported in ShipCompliant. 
  • The Texas Single Local Use Tax Report is now supported for licensees opting to collect a single local use rate (managed in Tax Preferences) going forward. 
  • Updates have been made to support a new jurisdiction on the Texas Sales and Use Tax Return.


  • Bank of the West has been added to the list of Positive Pay formats. This allows for ShipCompliant clients to communicate upcoming report payments to their banks. 

Order Management:

  • Tags on orders can now be deleted if users no longer wish to associate them. Many users utilize tags to group orders for analytics and order management purposes. 

We appreciate your continued business and partnership, and look forward to a successful 2021!

For past detailed notes on monthly compliance and maintenance updates, we encourage you to visit our release notes in the Sovos Portal