ShipCompliant Product News

Updated December 13, 2022


As usual, we’re on top of regulatory and compliance updates so you can stay fully focused on your business during the holiday season. 

  • Alaska: We've updated the state Remote Seller Sales Tax Worksheet with a jurisdiction change (City of Unalakleet), and we fixed a problem with the exempt sales on the same form.
  • Connecticut: We fixed a problem with form AU-933 Report of Shipments to Distributors from Non-Registered Suppliers, which was causing products to be duplicated in the columns Distilled Liquor and Liquor Coolers.
  • Louisiana: The state Excise Tax R-5696-L Advanced Controller Report was updated to show local jurisdictions on an order level.
  • Maine: The state Sales and Use Tax Report has a new eFile URL.
  • Michigan: We made minor updates to form LCC 3890 Wine Tax Report in line with state changes.
  • Pennsylvania: There's a new eFile URL for the state Sales Tax Return, Direct Wine Shipper Tax Return, and REV-1052 Monthly Report of Taxable Malt Beverages

Stay on top of product highlights and updates in your Sovos Help release notes section and in Product Updates within your ShipCompliant Resource Center. 

Best wishes from all of us at Sovos ShipCompliant for a healthy and happy holiday season and kickoff to the New Year!