ShipCompliant Product News

Updated August 23, 2021


While we dream of the lazy days of summer, regulatory changes don’t take a vacation, and in the past month, our ShipCompliant product updates have kept pace. Here’s a recap of key changes within the ShipCompliant suite of solutions this past month.

  • Tax reports and filings:
    • Connecticut: Updated Sales & Use Tax report according to state changes.
    • Florida: The state is now mandating online-only filing for the following forms: Direct Wine Shipper Report and Excise Tax Return, 400A-125-1 Malt Beverages Shipped To/Within Florida, 400A-125-2 Wines Shipped To/Within Florida, and 400A-125-3 Spirit Beverages Shipped To/Within Florida.
    • Illinois:  Complying with Chicago’s new excise tax on DtC shipments of wine into the city, we have created a new Chicago Annual Liquor Tax Report that allows reconciliation of monthly payments with annual dues.
    • Kansas: Sales and use tax return is now supported.
    • Kentucky: Modified the Kentucky Sales Tax report to ensure tax is being calculated correctly when the base state rate is selected as a preference.
    • Massachusetts: Updated AB-DS Form so that totals from champagne and sparkling wine are included in Tax Due.
    • Minnesota: Updated LB-40 form according to state changes.
    • Nebraska: The Sales & Use Tax report has been updated to reflect rate changes: the city of Humphrey increased to 2%, and Manley instituted a 0.5% tax rate.
    • New Mexico: Updated the gross receipts tax return according to the new state form. This new form, titled TRD 41413, replaces the CRS-1 form, and now also supports local taxes. We also edited the way that this form displays deductions for returned items, in keeping with the state’s requirements.
    • North Dakota: Updated Sales & Use Tax report according to state changes.
    • Texas: Corrected the Direct Shipper Report to ensure that combos and kits with multiple ABV’s are split up and all products are appearing in the correct columns.
    • Virginia: The VA ST-8 and ST-9 forms were changed to reflect state updates, including a prepaid wireless fee increase from $0.50 to $0.63, and new local options for counties Charlotte, Northampton, Gloucester and Patrick.
  • State label registrations:
    • Nebraska: Added cider products with less than 8.5% ABV to our registration options.
    • South Carolina: Updated the ABL-107A registration form for spirits to the new state standard.
    • We have updated product registration analytics reports to include fields for method of creation and date created/uploaded. This will enhance analytics reporting and support use for a variety of business cases.
  • Direct-to-consumer (DtC) compliance:
    • Alabama: Updated compliance rules and documents for shippers, as the state now allows DtC shipping of wine. 

As always, please feel free to reach out to our team with any questions or to request further information. We appreciate your continued business and partnership!