Meet the Team

Updated May 17, 2023

Nik Rieger

Title: Enterprise Account Manager 

Hometown: Mound, Minn.

Years in the industry/at Sovos ShipCompliant: Six years at Sovos ShipCompliant, 10 years in sales.

Favorite beverage and why: You can’t beat whiskey Cokes or a spicy bloody mary with lots of toppings. I also enjoy wines and beers across varying styles and price points. 

What is a project/campaign from the last year (or past six months) that you’re especially proud of and why?: I recently participated in an internal company program focused on helping employees grow their leadership skills. I am looking forward to co-presenting my group’s project. Collaborating with teammates from across the world has been an awesome experience. Better trained employees, paired with better products, means that we can provide an all-around better experience for our customers.    

What impact do you make in your role?: My hope is that I have a positive impact on my team and to the greater good of Sovos ShipCompliant. I genuinely enjoy the people I work with and my goal is to be considered a dependable person who brings value, either personally or professionally.

Describe your ideal setting for enjoying your favorite beverage (and what might that beverage be?): The ideal setting for me to enjoy any of my favorite beverages would be with my family and friends. Best case scenario is also having football, hockey or BattleBots on TV.