Meet the Team

Updated March 20, 2023

Stephen Vereen

Title: Digital Marketing Specialist 

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.

Years in the industry/at Sovos ShipCompliant: One year at Sovos.

Favorite part of your job: I really enjoy design. It’s calming for me, like solving a puzzle. Being able to take information from words to something beautiful and informative is fun.

What is a project/campaign from the last year (or past six months) that you’re especially proud of and why?: I have fun working on the success stories. It’s cool to see all the different companies that use Sovos ShipCompliant and have great experiences. The beverage industry generally has such great style, so being introduced to these different brands is awesome to me.   

Favorite beverage and why?: My favorite drink is an Arnold Palmer. Sweet tea and lemonade are two good things that just work together.

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