Meet the Team

Updated March 22, 2022

Joe Carlson

Title: Technical Account Manager

Hometown: Plymouth, Minn.

Years in the industry/at Sovos ShipCompliant: ShipCompliant for two years - Alcohol Industry for 13 Years (Bartender for 11 years)

Favorite part of your job: My favorite part of the job is the amount of problem-solving I get to do daily. Using and expanding on the knowledge I have gathered over the last two years to help our fantastic client base with problems that are impacting their businesses is incredibly fulfilling to me. My problem-solving journey also takes me to all corners of the Sovos ShipCompliant world. I interact daily with teams and people with very diverse jobs and job titles that I get to learn from and see the product from their point of view. It fascinates me and keeps me asking all of the questions.  

Favorite beverage and why: Daytime beverage, for some reason, is gas station coffee. There is something about the plethora of different flavors of coffee that hopefully have been brewed within the last four hours that keeps me coming back for more.

The after-work beverage is currently a Reposado “Coin Style” Margarita.

  • 2 parts of your favorite Reposado Tequila
  • 1 part orange liqueur (Cointreau, O2, Triple Sec)
  • A solid half tablespoon of blue agave nectar
  • Tablespoon of lime juice/3 squeezed lime halves
  • Shake and strain over fresh ice in a half-salted high ball glass.
  • Top with a splash of soda water if you want to cut the tartness of the lime juice.

I enjoy tequila but do not enjoy the sweetness of most margaritas. This recipe highlights the tequila while adding a small amount of sweetness from the agave nectar, and the lime juice brings the tartness that makes margaritas a classic.

Describe your ideal setting for enjoying your favorite beverage (and what might that beverage be?): After working in the restaurant industry for over a decade, I am most comfortable in a poorly lit bar where there are enough open bar spots that the bartender can chit-chat and flex their personality while being busy enough where they don’t feel the need to linger. I also highly recommend asking your bartender what they drink or how they prepare their liquor of choice. There is no better person to pick up some tasty new recipe from!

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