Meet the Team

Updated June 25, 2021

August Otto

Title: Sales Engineer

Hometown: Delano, Minn.

Years in the industry/at Sovos ShipCompliant: Almost three years with ShipCompliant

Describe your ideal setting for enjoying your favorite beverage (and what might that beverage be?): Being out on the lake during the summer is unmatched in Minnesota. There’s nothing like it. And having a cold, hard seltzer would be ideal.

What out-of-state beverage do you wish could be shipped directly to you?: I don’t have a favorite, but I’d love for Minnesota to be able to receive DtC shipments of all alcohol types. 

Favorite part of your job: I think the ShipCompliant team is great! They are extremely knowledgeable about the industry and are helpful, collaborative and tightly knit. I also really like the industry itself. The bev alc industry is exciting, dynamic, and full of opportunity.

What motivates you to do what you do here, and how do you contribute to the customer experience?: As a Sales Engineer, my goal is to expand our knowledge of the industry and help grow the team from within. I’m looking to better support Sales so they can in turn better support customers and improve the ecosystem. One of my favorite parts of this job is the direct feedback I see from prospects and clients on how ShipCompliant has helped them improve their business.

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