Meet the Team

Updated January 24, 2022

Sarah Fine

Title: Strategy Program Manager

Hometown: Arvada, Colo.

Years in the industry/at Sovos ShipCompliant: Twelve. I started at ShipCompliant when there were only five employees, heading up the research team for 10+ years. I left for a little bit to learn about retail manufacturing and logistics and am happy to have been welcomed back to Sovos in 2021.

What motivates you to do what you do here, and how do you contribute to the customer experience?: Like most of us, helping people makes me feel good. I’m part of a whole team that likes helping people (woohoo!), and together we identify root issues, then find simple solutions with clear actions — all with the goal of improving the customer experience, which is central to Sovos’ core purpose.

Favorite part of your job: Working with data and solving puzzles is my happy place, and here I get to do both. For example, I work with state regulators, learning how we can design a solution to help them efficiently enforce and regulate in concert with their licensees. Every state has different needs — an added complexity that makes it all the more interesting of a puzzle to solve. And of course everything starts with data, even design.

What out-of-state beverage do you wish could be shipped directly to you?: I wish that I could have Williams Selyem’s Westside Road Neighbors shipped to me when I’m in Utah so that my Utahn friends could know the delight of that perfect Pinot.

Describe your ideal setting for enjoying your favorite beverage (and what might that beverage be?): Tailgating at Arapahoe Basin after a day of skiing is high on my list, but I’m missing the warm weather. A few friends and family, great food and the outdoors makes for a perfect day. A mojito, some lawn games and a discussion about the [insert local cultural experience] we went to earlier in the day are cherries on top!

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